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Women in the UK are up in arms about this particular ad that can be seen in subway stations and buses around the country. But why?
Look at Health or Fitness Magazine, and basically any women's publication and you'll see the same thing: Slim women in bikinis with directions on how to eat, sweat, and dress to look perfect this summer on the beach.
The ad was plastered with graffiti and set social media on fire. Personally, I think this was just a group of people getting angry about something and a whole lot of people jumping on the band wagon.
1. Did they ever tell you that you weren't beach body ready?
2. She's actually a very healthy size, why not protest about much unhealthier models?
3. Yes I'm sick of the body shaming but I found this rather tame?
Like I said, I'm sick of the body shaming and the pressure on women to be a certain size, but why was it this ad that set everyone off?
I don't think the ad is ok. It creates this stigma that what you see in it is the acceptable body for those who want to be a beach bum. It just creates this unneeded and largely unwanted stigma.
This company seriously screwed up with their PR response to this issue but I don't think they had a whole lot to apologize for in the first place anyway!
I agree, there's nothing wrong with the ad. I've seen FAR WORSE on the covers of magazines. I've never seen a person riot at the grocery store. There seems to be a growing trend in the destruction of private property over disagreements. Regardless of your point of view, is violence or destruction the answer? Coarse gestures as depicted in the picture...was that really necessary?
I think rather than just accepting it, find a better argument. There are so many other ads that are worse than this!
im for it,if you dont like it suck it up. thats life, there are things you wont like but others will and vice versa. only children worry about the world pleasing them, thats why parents teach their kids the lesson. usually.