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Dahlias, poppies, roses and more: I would kill to have any of these kind of displays in my house, even just for an event! Granted, I don't think I have the lofted ceilings needed to really make these works as striking as they are, but I still think it'd look beautiful.
Rebecca Louise Law takes both dried and fresh flowers, and with copper wire, hangs them in really just pleasing ways! Who doesn't want to wander through a room where the ceiling that's coming down at you is made of flowers, and smells oh-so-fragrant? I know I'd love it! And most of her installations sort of "die" as the week goes on, which means that the smell transforms form fresh flower to potpourri, and I think I'd like to try either one of them!
Maybe I'll try to make some sort of small scale door hanging or something with fresh flowers since there's just no way I could accomplish anything on this scale. Here's some of my favorite installations of Rebecca's that I'll be drawing inspiration from :)
“Rebecca traces her decision to be an artist back to a defining moment in her life. The day her dad hurried the family out to have a look at a field of daisies: “it was incredible, thousands of flowers as far as the eye could see, since then I’ve wondered how it would be possible to recreate that moment for others to enjoy.” Then while studying fine art at university, she replaced paint with flowers.”
I know I'd certain be a little happier going in the office every day if I felt like I was walking through a bit of meadow instead of the heaps of concrete at my office, but maybe that's just me!
Any ideas on how I can bring a little "flower" art inspiration into my home? Doesn't have to be anything permanent, but I just want to give fresh flowers a chance to brighten my office or room!!