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This video shows the difference between an average day in the life of a black man and a white man--beyond that, I'll let it speak for itself, and let you make your own opinion, but I do want to mention that while some might want to say that "these stats are being presented in a certain way" well--of course they are. That's what statistics do. Each of these individual phenomena are easily explained away if not taken as part of a larger observation, which is what this video is attempting to do.
I really only have this to say: what is sad is that this video is only making blacks to be the victim. If you want to properly teach people about racism, don't exclude other major details! The issues happening recently in America aren't simply matters of black and white, or of rich and and poor. They're effects of a long history of discrimination based on many different factors (race, color, religion, social status, economic status, education, and more), and only when all of those factors of discrimination change will we truly be able to say that we are truly living in a free, diverse country that is welcoming to all.
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You're right that people don't want to talk about this. I want to, but I don't know where to begin. I also don't feel like some people believe I am the right party to start the conversation (considering I am an older white male). Still, there are so many layers of conversation that need to be had, if only people would be more open to it.