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Rainbow Watercolors: Silvia Pelissero's Art

I make a habit of staying off of Etsy. When I find an artist's profile that I like, I try not to visit their store, because as much as I want to support them, I really shouldn't spend twenty dollars on a card to hang on my wall. Today, I think I'm going to break that rule.
Meet Silvia Pelissero. She's an Italian artist, born in 1991 (making her way more creatively talented than me at the same age). She's more widely known as agnes-cecile, and she makes absolutely stunning, colorful works of art that I can't seem to tear my eyes away from.
While I've found that most of her works that I love are her mostly watercolors, she seems to be moving into working with acrylics as well, and they're just as stunning. The feeling is a bit less loose, a bit less flowing, but still beautiful. I love how her style translates between mediums, and is still clearly her.
Her Youtube channel is full of videos showing her creating the works you can also get in various forms on her shop (I've got some cards as well as a bag in my shopping cart until I decide what to get!).
All images © Agnes Cecile.
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