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[UPDATE!] Convoys from Buckleberry have been on the move! With windows blackened, we can only speculate that the Middleton's are in the vehicle and that their daughter is about to, or in the process of giving birth by induction.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, appears to be hiding behind generous smiles, tirelessly working to maintain her duties as just two seats from beside her husband's place on the throne. Although she's publicly stated that it's not till the end of April that she's due to give birth, insiders, according to statements made to People magazine, say that she's already SIX DAYS OVERDUE!
As the world watches, fingers crossed, the galaxy, an echo of silent prayers, the real drama isn't in a delayed birth, which her medical team came out to say that induction is next on the agenda. Reports have been swirling that life at Kensington Palace is rife with even more misery as Prince Charles' wicked wife, Camilla, has almost by black magic, poisoned the Queen into believing that Kate is of no value to the monarchy. To make matters worse, the booze-infused Duchess of Cornwall has also wrangled her way into the graces of the Queen, who for years has been both vocal and silent on abdicating the throne after the Jubilee.
Well, the British Jubilee was 2012--almost three years ago!
A lot of pressure has been placed on Kate, specifically, because in true Princess Diana fashion, she has been so resolute in raising her kids like 'normal Brits', far, far away from the Palace in the country where they can be raised, no doubt, in privacy and unaware of their lineage to the monarchy. If Camilla's witchery continues to undermine the Queen's sentiment of Kate, we may witness the greatest blasphemy in British history as Camilla steals the throne out from under Prince William for wimpy, Prince Charles.

Is everyone on pins and needles over this baby?!?! AAAahh!!

Tagging @heartofgold35 I still am curious about your Royal lineage... :)
They named her Charlotte! That's always been my go-to baby name.
Pins and needles in LA! ! ! ! ! Pray for a healthy baby girl!