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Okay....first I hafta go thru my feels prior to the release. There was a hell of a lot excitement (which is an understatement by far)....anticipation....impatience.... and yeah, a lil frustration. I also became worried, at some point in my waiting, that they wouldn't be able live up to the tremendous hype that is attached to everything associated with BIG BANG and YG Entertainment.
But I got thru it. Lol well we all did ...they're back and 39 hrs later the videos have a combined count of over 10.5 million views and counting. It took me this entire 39 hours to stop pressing replay and become pacified and coherent enough to put my thoughts into words.
BIG BANG __Loser So I watched this one first....7 seconds after it was released bc I'm a keyboard warrior like that lol. The refresh button is your friend. But anywho..... the first time I watched it, I was in shock. The music was good from the beginning....great production (thank you Teddy). It was lulling and catchy and had a bit of a yearing in the bridge. I got emotional......very emotional. Ohhhhhhhhhhh the FEELZZZZZZ. It had been so long...combined with their separate stories in the MV. Very powerful images. Once that shock wore off....I was determined to absorb. Besides looking fabulous....there was so much going on in this MV. Let's start with lyrics. In order for this piece of art to be fully appreciated, you gotta read the lyrics. Loser, loner A coward who pretends to be tough A mean delinquent In the mirror, you’re JUST A LOSER A loner, a jackass covered in scars Dirty trash In the mirror, I’m a Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world I was always alone It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love I can’t listen to hopeful love songs anymore You and me both We’re just sad clowns, tamed and scripted I’ve come too far I’M COMING HOME I wanna go back To when I was young At some point I started looking at the ground more than the sky It’s hard even to breathe I hold out my hand But no one holds it I’m a Loser, loner A coward who pretends to be tough A mean delinquent In the mirror, you’re JUST A LOSER A loner, a jackass covered in scars Dirty trash In the mirror, I’m a It’s a cycle of girls and mistakes Love them for one night And hate them when morning comes Can’t own up to it Because of my selfish pleasure Everything is being ruined Can’t stop this dangerous full speed run Now I have no interest, no fun anymore I’m standing alone at the edge of a cliff I’m going home I wanna go back To how it was before At some point I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes I’m sick of crying so I tried smiling But no one recognizes me I’m a Loser, loner A coward who pretends to be tough A mean delinquent In the mirror, you’re JUST A LOSER A loner, a jackass covered in scars Dirty trash In the mirror, I’m a I curse the blue skies Sometimes I wanna lay it all down I WANT TO SAY GOOD BYE When I stop wandering at the end of this road I hope I can close my eyes without regrets Loser, loner A coward who pretends to be tough A mean delinquent In the mirror, you’re JUST A LOSER A loner, a jackass covered in scars Dirty trash In the mirror, I’m a LOSER I’M A LOSER I’M A LOSER I’M A LOSER Now if this doesn't strike a cord with you, you're either extremely lucky or lying. There are just so many relatable feelings in these lyrics. Completely naked real lyrics. Nothing fancy or interpretive.... just realness. I love that.
Let's take a look at GD first. Boy is looking Fuh-lawless as always. But his story is sad....he's successful but being successful almost always comes with a price....he's lonely, isolated, depressed....angry. The imagery in this MV....it says so much. He smashes the lamp with a bat ...lamp = light = hope. The way he's turned away from the window when he's lying on the floor. His phone is within reach but he doesn't answer ....the mirror always represents truth....he wipes away the fog and looks wrong himself ...it's like all the fame and fortune and fans and hes the only one who sees how truly alone and unhappy he is. Laying in the bathtub with the bat.....the bat reads MADE....meaning possibly that his fame and success is the only thing protecting him from what he fears but it's also the thing that's destroying hope for something more. He's wandering around alone during the day on a busy street and nobody sees him. He even cries out in frustration but no one hears. The scenes depict his isolation. And finally despair.... by collapsing in the street.
Seungri's story is interesting. His appearance is that of a man that has his act together. Completely mature, adjusted, well put together. But as the story goes on, it becomes apparent that all of the assumptions made are not true. His target is what I'm going to refer to her as has a boyfriend and he's stalking her pretty much....calling her while he's watching her with the other guy to see if she'll answer. In this scene only he and his target are in focus. He becomes frustrated and his anger takes over. He turns away ashamed almost after he kicks the side mirror off the vehicle. The apartment scene was interesting.... it's small....very closed in and crowded but pristine. Notice the door and the window beside the TV. Definitely feels like an institution of some kind possibly a mental Ward or treatment facility of some kind. I was thinking the window is a two way mirror. The final scene with his target is interesting as well....the mural on the wall is of three people with their heads split revealing the inner workings of their minds. One has a tropical type ocean scene....the next is very crowded and cluttered with buildings that are very maze-like (much like Seungri's view in this MV.... he was only focused on the girl and not having her made him angry and anger clouds your mind and makes you feel closed in and trapped ). ....and the last has skyscrapers (the girl in this MV is literally moving on and looking up).....there's also a highway that is trying to connect the crowded mind to the skyscraper mind but the road passes by and doesn't connect. In the scene the target finally tells Seungri "I don't want you". That's some heavy ish.
Daesung's story pulled at my heartstrings. He is jumped by 3 guys outside of a convenient store. They're watching him as he walks out....possibly noticing his weakness. Preying on him. The scene is pretty brutal. There are flashes of a girl giving him a scarf....then of him in front of a mirror shadow boxing. Possibly what fuels his retaliation later on is the girl....feelings of inadequacy and the shame of not being able to protect himself or her. He retaliates and it does not go well....I think they end up feeling sorry for him almost because they're not fighting him....they're just trying to restrain him. Which I think is worse than getting a beatdown.
Taeyang's scenes were very powerful as well. He's a free spirit from the looks of it....his appearance with the tattoos and piercings. His surroundings were basically art....ppl might say it was graffiti but for my intents and purposes I'm gonna say it's art. There were inspirational quotes scribbled on everything....I think they were his truths. Things he had figured out through his journey in life. His "home" was in a scrapyard.... that in itself says a lot. He feels discarded....thrown away like trash but he knows he doesn't belong there. He's very aware that he's different. Free thinkers and artists in general feel very isolated because it's very difficult to find someone who sees what they see. His only contact with anyone is a dog....and the scenes are adorable....YB and puppies....(❁´▽`❁) but anyway continuing on....he's holding a cross that reads SIN WILL FIND YOU and he draws the same cross on the cement. Its pretty widely known that Taeyang has a very strong faith and belief in God which I admire. Is there religious implications in this? Not sure if I wanna go down that road but I will say lying on the cross is pretty symbolic as well as standing on the ledge with his arms out mimicking being crucified....being hounded and interrogated by media and haters and such. Basically what all of his art turns out to be is a suicide note. He jumps off the rooftop and it shows the cross landing on the cement and breaking. Which symbolizes his demise and his sin (╥_╥) the sin that found him was suicide. Heavyyyyy. It's unfortunate being creative and being human....your humanity demands companionship with other humans. It's a necessity.....ppl will argue that this isn't true. But ultimately in order to stay sane you need human interaction and companionship. In his story and also G Dragon's and T.O.P's, there's anxiety present as well.....The scenes depict a very large empty world. It's overwhelming. When GD's laying in the street and Taeyang is laying on the cross he drew, they're both in the fetal position. It's apparent that their anxiety is making the world feel HUGE and empty and in turn making them feel very small and very alone. *side note* I would've loved to walk around that set and read all of the quotes.....I'd list the ones I deciphered but this card is already toooooooooooooo long.
And finally we come to my baby's scene....T.O.P's scenes made so much sense to me. The lyrics are obviously about giving into lust and regretting it later. But I interpreted it a lil differently than the obvious. He's very clean....polished....perfect. The set is genius in my opinion....but I'll get to that. The woman is of course is lust....satisfying his hunger for what you can assume is sex....but I think there's another meaning. What I think they were trying to convey is his desire to be close to a woman....intimate but not in a sexual way. She's not wearing much....because she's open and honest with him and doesn't hide anything from him but he's fully dressed and wearing gloves which means he's trying to hide. As he's holding her his eyes look worried or lonely still for fear of being inadequate or unsure of whether this is what he wants ....when she tries to undress him he pulls her hand away which could mean she's trying to get him to open up to her and reveal his true self....but he refuses. Uuuggghhh this set.....heres my theory on the set. Hes covered up and wearing gloves and the room is covered in white sheets....meaning hes closed off and covering up everything thats real. He's only pretending to be pristine and doesn't want anyone to see what's underneath for either fear of rejection or the mindset that no one is worth the effort. She tries to peel away the covering over the furniture. He loses it and kills her for it. Figuratively I'd say she went snooping to learn about the real him.....and he freaked out on her....and killed...their relationship. The regret scene where he's walking in the alleyway.... it tore my heart out. I've been there....not bloody in an alley but I've regretted my impulses to push people away. He's crying and full of remorse for what he's done. Sorry for being the way he is but helpless to change it.
Whew.....that was a looooooooooooong one. I had to put my thoughts down. This song especially has me very aware of my emotions and loser-ish qualities. Maybe I read too much into it and made connections that weren't there but it's my opinion. This is hands down my favorite BIG BANG song everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The realness trumps all. BIG BANG IS BACK BRITCHES!!!!!
@MattK95 LOLOLOLOLOL it actually crossed my mind....the infamous Tazza 2 shirtless scenes hafta be a conspiracy.
@MattK95 It was practically begging for a deeper interpretation than omgomgomgomgomgomg he's so hot lol.
Well it seems you like delving into music videos just as much as I do, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this :)
@PassTheSuga agreed XD
@PassTheSuga I agree, I also thought it was quite funny how we all know T.O.P doesn't like showing his body, so when the girl starts to undress him, she then ends up dead. Not that her dying was funny, but the joke was... I wonder if it was intended or not. XD
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