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---------------------------------------------------------- So the WOC competition will be held again! and Jae Ha and Hang Ah will be participating in that competition! Meanwhile, Jae Shin was 'running'around with her wheelchair, and she seemed to be upset because with a wheelchair, she couldn't walk downstairs. Hang Ah who wanted to participate in the next WOC competition, got some objection from Queen Dowager and Jae Shin. Jae Ha asked Jae Shin to replace his position as a king while he is away for a month, and Jae Shin didn't want to do that. On the other side, Jae Ha and Hang Ah was trying to persuade Jae Shin to go back to the pension where the king died, so that she can try to get her memory back. Queen Dowager didn't agree with that, but I think Jae Ha managed to persuaded her. So Hang Ah and Jae Shin went there together, and Jae Ha finally told Queen Dowager that Club M and John Mayer is behind all the incident, and he will get stronger to destroy club M, but Queen Dowager cried and said, "I already lost one son, and I can't lose another one..." ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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