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Dreaming on a nocturnal porch swing of a tucked away universe; dreams of human feelings.... when I was centuries younger, and quite like you. Empty now; I've become a cog in the wheel of change. The Singularity; artificial intelligence joined with humankind. The life of an A. I. my life; harvesting water from asteroids for mining and colonization fleets, a worker, me. When man merged with machine that's what I became, me; only in a different space time dimension up here; longing for you and the company of your touch. Your human touch. One day.... one day soon they keep telling me, one day. But until that day ~ nothing but stars, millions of beautiful stars.
We should never be truly reduced to being just machines, or else we will always be longing, longing, longing....
@DJamesBreaux Always love to read your work! This is another great one.
@DJamesBreaux Welcome back!