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So me and my homie were up at the city pool, i was longboarding, he was riding his bike, and we saw flashing lights on the street over.. So, we investigated. We came down the street and i ollied onto the sidewalk and was just cruising down, and i see this dog. It was a pitbull, and i saw it and thought it was on a leash. But it came from beside the house i was riding by. And well it grabbed ahold of me, at my knee, and was still chasing me. So i had my slide gloves on and i smacked it in the head with the puck which pissed it more off and i sprinted across the street (let me remind you theres a police cruiser right there) and the dog was still chasing me. So what i did was i jumped and slid across the hood of the cop car (the coolest shit ever) and i got in the back of the car. The cop got the dog under control and looked at my leg and there wasnt anything too bad except my shorts were torn to hell and bite marks in my leg. So he talked to the people who owned the dog, got my info and let me leave. He told me my slide across the hood was one of the coolest things hes seen, and the cop ended up being my neighbor so he was cool about all of it. Well theres my story i wanted to share!
Dogs are sketchy.
Oh it was!
Epic night!
Well I guess maybe they couldn't afford them, I'm in a small town
Exactly. Logical to you and I, but that's a government job last I checked - the same folks who write checks when they KNOW they are overdrawn. So I'm not surprised. 馃槣
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