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---------------------------------------------------------- So Jae Ha and Hang Ah went to Japan to participate in WOC competition! They met their fellows from the North, and they seemed to be happy to see them again! Meanwhile back in the palace, Jae Shin is now having the full power as a Queen. OMG she is really pretty in the dress and the crown!! I think John Mayer is really serious! He really came to Korea to attend the forum. The royal secretary called him and talked to him, but I believe he is totally under that evil guy's control!!! Jae Shin was supposed to greet the audience in the forum, and she was really nervous! I am glad that Si Kyung was beside her and support her! In the WOC competition, the committee were drawing the groups that they will be competing with. Who do you all think will be Korean's opponent in the competition?? It's the US!! OMG, US team is like the strongest team ever!! What will happen??!! Let's check it out in tomorrow's episode! ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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