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um um its not CITYHUNTER its.........SEXYHUNTER
I LOVE LEE MINHO SO MUCH TOTALLY A MINOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st picture= i said this and he turned around 2nd picture=hes chatting to [minoz] 3rd picture=aeygo overload 4th picture=im sexier than the other's 5th picture=" remmember me": say's Jin-ho shi the bear :] <3
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i love you lee min ho....<3
5 years ago·Reply
lee min ho love you and your acting a lot with your killer smiling face.... god bless you...
5 years ago·Reply
so cute Min Ho.. love the way you act especially in City Hunter..
4 years ago·Reply
i love all the pics this card is my fav :) <3 :-*
4 years ago·Reply
i love u..
4 years ago·Reply