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Our leading man, the lawyer, Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin), is not happy to potentially work with his former boss again. Our leading lady, suspended lawyer, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) is aghast that she will take orders from her former office manager who was once “her dog”. The owner of the firm, Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak), from a rich family, overrides both of them. He wanted an ethical lawyer so he hired Jung Woo. He wanted a smart and shrewd lawyer, so he hired Cheok Hee. They have to find a way to work together, end of story.
Where was Cheok Hee during her 3 year absence after being suspended for using illegally obtained evidence in episode 1? She was working at her father’s fish stall in Busan, cleaning and selling fish. How her father believed her “extended vacation” story is beyond me. He does not know his daughter is suspended. They discuss her sister, Ko Mi Hee (Kim Yul), whose whereabouts are still unknown. Cheok Hee feels guilty about “stealing their mother” from Mi Hee. What does that mean? Cheok Hee and her father have a nice relationship.How did Cheok Hee end up getting hired by Min Gyu? In Busan, she delivered fish to his swanky apartment. Insert silly scene of the delivered fish flopping down the hallway and into his indoor pool. Stunned to meet again, he hires her facilitating her return to Seoul. The fact this will bother his father, may be a bonus.The divorce case centers around a woman tired of dealing with her slacker husband. She goes to Jung Woo for a consultation. There must be a reason to divorce, falling out of love is not sufficient. The woman doesn’t have a reason in the eyes of the law. Cheok Hee manages to insert herself into the consultation and tells the woman with creative thinking, they’ll find the evidence to release her from the marriage. Jung Woo tells Cheok Hee to leave and counsels the woman to think positively about her husband and only return if she has evidence. Imagine the woman’s surprise when her mother comes in for a consultation. Mother and daughter are stunned to see each other. Daughter tells mother not to divorce father, they are in their twilight years. Mother surprises them with a suitcase of evidence against father, other women, hidden assets, etc. Jung Woo counsels mother to think positively about her husband and only return if she’s sure this is a step she wants to take at this point in her life.Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) happens to be living with Jung Woo and his mother. She sold her apartment to provide the money for his schooling. She likes him. He sees her as a sister. What a bummer this poor girl has given major cash (that he does not know about) and she’ll get the short end of the stick in this series. She will not get the return on her dollar she was hoping for.Soo A is not happy when she learns Cheok Hee is working with Jung Woo. He tells her not to worry.Cheok Hee secretly works with the woman with the slacker husband to find reasons to divorce. When the woman finds a motel receipt, she assumes affair. Cheok Hee assumes affair too.When Jung Woo finds out that Cheok Hee has been working with the woman with the slacker husband he races to the hotel to intercept them.But it is too late, Cheok Hee has the woman with the slacker husband and her mother staking out a hotel. They watch the husband and another woman enter the hotel. They wait thirty minutes then knock on the hotel door. The husband answers the door and the wife yells that she wants a divorce.