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‘Divorce Lawyer in love’ is an okay drama, for now I’m not totally feeling it but there is a lot of potential from the story and what not, the characters. The acting is okay just that I’m expecting too much from both Cho Yeo Jeong and Yeon Woo Jin but since it was just the first episode, the characters will probably become more comfortable for them to act.The episode starts with the two main characters on the top of a building calling each other names. Currently Jung Woo is Cheok Hee’s boss however 3 years before he was actually the one working under Cheok Hee and we are taken back in time, 3 years before the present time where Jung Woo was at a neighborhood store where two spouses where fighting one another asking for divorce. Because he was in the middle of the fight, he finally loses it and tells the married couple that they should think carefully before asking for a divorce because once broken apart, it can be made the same.Meanwhile, Jung Woo’s co-workers are being disturbed on a weekend day by the boss to come at work however since he lost his phone at the store where the married couple were fighting, he faces Cheok Hee’s anger the next morning because he didn’t answer her calls.But before that, we are introduced to Cheok Hee, a divorce lawyer who thinks that divorce is blessing considering that after divorce you won’t have to see the person you hate. Confident in her skills of winning she is all in for the money.Jung Woo’s co-workers arrive fast after being called by Cheok Hee, only Jung Woo misses the meeting as a result the next morning he is welcomed by her anger. Although, he tries to explain himself about losing the phone, Cheok Hee stops him and says that a subordinate should only say ‘I understand; I’m sorry”. Luckily Jung Woo knew the case they had to rehearse for, the night before, and even helps his co-workers eat breakfast since they had to work all night. On the other hand, Cheok Hee goes to eat alone, as she always does, but she gets a hanger as her accessory after not noticing that when she got her coat on, the hanger also slipped in. Before leaving to eat, her 3 employees notice the hanger around her neck but when Jung Woo is the only one who tries to tell her about the unwanted accessory, yet Cheok Hee doesn’t let him speak and leaves before getting to know about it.While eating breakfast, the other two employees tell Jung Woo that they had to rehearse for a case Cheok Hee found new evidence, recording from a CCTV – the case is about the actress Mi Ri divorcing her chaebol husband who was cheating on her and Cheok Hee is the woman’s lawyer.Arrived at the restaurant, the waiter tries to tell her about the hanger around her neck but because she doesn’t give him a change to speak about it as well, the water just pulls her up with the hanger giving the people from the restaurant an embarrassing scene to watch.Back at the office, Cheok Hee shows her anger on Jung Woo for not telling her about the hanger …. although the guy did try to tell her about it. However, he cuts her short asking if she will show the recording of the cctv in court, considering that she illegally obtained it. In return she says that it’s a lawyer’s jobs to transforms illegal evidence into legal ones. Jung Woo tries to make her understand that it’s illegal to use the recording she put her hands on with illegal manners but Cheok Hee doesn’t want to hear anything more and tells him that she is the lawyer and he is just the office manager thus she is the one deciding what to do.On another hand, Jo Soo Ah (another lawyer) tries to contact Bong Min Guy but with no results since the guy was busy shopping for clothes to wear during the actress’ trial (they are on the actress’ husband’s side). With new clothes the two are on their way to the court but as they walk a little girl puts some ketchup on his clothes. The child’s mother starts hitting the child for what she did (even more after the woman found out from Min Gyu that the clothes are expensive) – but surprisingly, Min Gyu tells the mother that although his clothes are expensive, the child’s innocence is more important so she shouldn’t hit her daughter. As he goes back into the store to get other clothes, he gives the little girl money to get herself another hot dog.At the court, Cheok Hee thinks that the press is waiting for her and so she starts dreaming about being their attention when in fact she wasn’t but the other side’s lawyers were the main focus.After talking with Ma Dong Goo (the husband)’s lawyers, one of the reporters asks Cheok Hee if the rumors about the actress wanting a divorce to be with a model are true but she gets angry and calls him out for working for a internet gossip news paper.Entering the court building, Jung Woo appears again trying to stop her (considering that is was illegal obtained evidence) and because she still wasn’t listing, he runs away his her purse ending up threatening his boss with putting her purse into a toilet if she doesn’t give him the recording of the CCTV. To save her purse, Cheok Hee gives him a CD – after that, Cheok Hee orders Jung Woo to buy her a pair of stoking and some coffee.On the hallway, Cheok Hee meets Min Gyu and the two seem to know each other from before, more than that they are on friendly terms although he is in Ma Dong Goo’s lawyer team. When everyone entered the court room, the mother in law and husband of Mi Ri try to make the woman change her mind about the divorce however Cheok Hee acts fast and puts some earphones on Mi Ri so she won’t pay attention to what others say.Since there wasn’t enough time to go and change, Cheok Hee uses Jung Woo as a shield (on the hallway) – the scene is seen by Soo Ah who also seems to know Jung Woo and comes to say her greetings. However, Jung Woo sees the lawyer badge on Soo Ah and looks somewhat sad. From inside the court room, Cheok Hee sees Soo Ah and Jung Woo talking.The judge enters and the meeting starts. During the hearing, Cheok Hee shows everyone the CCTV recording (the CD she gave Jung Woo wasn’t the real one). Even though she didn’t submit the evidence on time, the judge accepts to reveal the content of the CD – on the recording it was Ma Dong Goo and his secretary in a rather “comfortable” scene. The viewers find out the way Cheok Hee put her hands on the recording – the two spouses had cctvs around their house to see if their daughter was being abused by her tutor so Cheok Hee changed the cctv from the husband’s office with another one that looked the same. Everyone 9in the court) is shocked to see the recording. With the new evidence the judge decides to continue the trial on another date.After the trial, Jung Woo is taken by the other male co-worker to yoga class to relive stress but he feels even more stressed. Back at home, his mother fills him some blab la blas for not cleaning his room. However, she advices him that memories and trash are better off n the garbage and leaves her son as we watches a half burned book (Civil Law teaching).Next day, while the other two co-workers were looking at the video from the court, the female co-worker sees the purse of the mistress and starts thinking that Ma Dong Goo has a second mistress since his first mistress had a purse, his wife one and more importantly there were only 3 purses of that style and all were bought by someone in the Ma family. Cheok Hee comes and scolds her.On the other hand, Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo that she isn’t the one who made him have an affair, in return Jung Woo says that for the affair Ma Dong Goo is the one responsible, yet she publicly executed him – he was turned into the national asshole for cheating on his wife when the recording surfaced.Later, Cheok Hee’s father informs her that her sister went to Seoul so she rushes to her apartment. There, she finds her sister, Min Hee who acts irritated and disgusted while saying that everything is Cheok Hee’s fault. She doesn’t say anything and lets her sister leave with her rent money but tells her father that Min Hee didn’t come to her apartment and the two didn’t meet. No idea why the sister hates Cheok Hee ….Another day, the male co-worker tells Cheok Hee that it’s Jung Woo’s birthday and they should celebrate it. That day was also the end of the actress’ case when she wins it. After everyone left the court room, Min Gyu’s father (the head of the BF Law Firm – also the law firm that was working for Ma Dong Goo) tells Cheok Hee that she will soon receive a notice for violating the law. Hearing that, Cheok Hee remembers when she saw Jung Woo talking with Soo Ah and now she thinks that he is the one who revealed to the other team that she got the recording thought illegal means.At the office, everyone wants to start the birthday party but Cheok Hee flushes the seaweed soup on Jung Woo’s face while blaming him for biting his master. Jung Woo’s mother appears and bursts in anger, luckily the male co-worker takes her out. Seems like Jung Woo finally had it especially since Cheok Hee doesn’t trust him and decides to resign. Things turn awkward with the female co-worker who comes singing “happy birthday” while holding a cake. But no one really cares about her and Jung Woo says his birthday wish – to never see Cheok Hee ever again.On her way home, Ma Dong Goo comes to meet her and ask for reconciliation with his wife but she refuses to help him.Jung Woo’s mother also seems to know Soo Ah and shows her some pictures with men so she can choose one to marry. Soo Ah interrupts her saying that before, Jung Woo’s mother always wanted her to marry Jung Woo thus both should send him to a law school and then they can marry. By the way, Soo Ah and Jung Woo like each other however because he still isn’t a lawyer, he has a somehow inferiority complex since she passed the exam and become one.Coming to work next say, Cheok Hee finds the gift from Mi Ri for winning the case – the same purse Mi Ri and the mistress had, hers was actually the 3rd one thus she finally gets it that Mi Ri was the one who planned everything just to divorce her husband and enjoy her relationship with some model guy (like the rumors said). When going to face the actress, Mi Ri is nonchalant about the truth being found out however, the stock and sales at Ma Dong Goo’s company were going down thus he commits suicide before Chok Hee reaches to him.As a result, Cheok Hee loses her lawyer license after illegally obtaining the recording. As for Jung Woo he becomes a lawyer. However, shortly after Jung Woo enters his new office, Cheok Hee appears and the two meet again after 3 years since the Mi Ri case.