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Cheok Hee tries to tell Min Gyu that Jung Woo probably went there to help her but Jung Woo takes her hand as a sign not to say anything further, however So Ah sees them. Jung Woo just bows and apologizes to Min Gyu, while the later one leaves taking Cheok Hee with him.Because Cheok Hee had a little scratch on her forehead, Min Gyu thinks that it’s a good idea to clean it using a very expensive painting. Before getting to hop into the car, Jung Sook calls to see if Cheok Hee managed to submit the lawsuit. She then starts thinking that because she didn’t submit the papers, at the voting, Jung Seok will vote against her.Next day, at the office, Gyeong starts joking while asking Jung Woo if he had fun watching yesterday’s spectacle where Cheok Hee was being made into a fool, however without noticing she hears the conversation and gets angry because she thought that Jung Woo went there to help her. Jung Woo runs after her to try explaining himself but Cheok Hee quietly tells him that even though she should hide in shame for what happened in the past, it’s better to fight everything head on. She continues saying that both should end on a good note as it’s the (probably) last day of work for her at the law firm.Later, the voting starts and Jung Woo seems hesitant about how he should vote. Still trying to decide how to vote, Jung Woo remembers the words of his first client about her husband:“It’s not that I hated him, I think I hated him because I wanted to see his bad side.”The client’s words seem to hit him however he rushes his vote after remembering Cheok Hee’s words: “two bad meetings means fate”. After the voting result is out, Cheok Hee receives the news that 3 people voted for her to remain in the office. One of the 3 people was Jung Woo whose vote started like an X but ended like an O. With the results out, Cheok Hee goes around thanking and saying how she will try her best, on the other hand Jung Woo thinks if he made the right decision. Without knowing who actually voted for her, Cheok Hee thinks that Min Gyu, Gyeong and Jung Seok voted for her meanwhile Jung Woo goes into his office where he sits on the floor, banging his head on the wall and asking how he could ‘this’ happen. Gyeong enters furiously Jung Woo’s office and starts bad mouthing Yoo Mi thinking that she voted for Cheok Hee. On the other hand, Yoo Mi thinks that Geyong was the one who voted favorably for Cheok Hee without knowing that they were the only ones who were with the ‘against’ vote.Cheok Hee starts making fun of Jung Woo now that she remained in the office saying that she will put her mark on the office and so on.At another site of Seoul, a woman sees her husband cheating on her. (It’s client nr 3)Cheok Hee dances on the street happily that she got to keep her work but shortly she receives a call from Min Gyu asking her for dinner to celebrate. Arrived, Cheok Hee thanks Min Gyu for voting for her as she says that from now on she will treat him, Jung Sook and Gyeong better. However Min Gyu smirks after he hears Cheok Hee say that Jung Woo would’ve never voted for her. When she leaves the room, he takes out Jung Woo’s vote letting out another smirk while saying that things are getting interesting.Another day, So Ah comes to Min Gyu’s apartment and after talking about his father and how he embarrassed the man (when Cheok Hee was supposed to submit the papers for a lawsuit) then she asks him if Cheok Hee already left (his office). To her surprise, Min Gyu reveals that there were 3 people who voted for Cheok Hee to stay and those were him, Jung Seok and for the last person he takes out Jung Woo’s vote making So Ah guess that the last person was Jung Woo.At Min Gyu father’s office, Ma Dong Mi (the aunt of the guy who committed suicide) comes and asks the man to get rid of Cheok Hee. But he says that there isn’t anything he can do about it.Later, the father tries to bribe Min Gyu with a yacht to fire Cheok Hee. Curious for what reason would the man want Cheok Hee out, the father reveals that Ma Dong Mi wants it so and he has to do what she asks because the new BF law firm’s building is build thanks to DK Group’s financial support (Ma Dong Mi’s family owns DK). To receive money from DK, the father also asked Min Gyu to get engaged to Dong Mi’s niece).Yoo Mi finally gets it that Cheok Hee’s family isn’t wealthy as she thought. All seems good but trouble comes as Cheok Hee informs Jung Woo that client nr 3, Lee Yeon Hee went to catch her husband’s cheating with a crane since the man didn’t want to open the door. Jung Woo wants to rush fast but Cheok Hee who was already caught in the traffic jam advices him to take the subway. At the subway, Jung Woo looks uneasy and starts breathing heavily while remembering an incident, eventually he decides to use his legs and run.Both Jung Woo and Cheok Hee arrive where their client was and luckily she has an idea on how to stop the woman when she sees another crane passing by. But because Cheok Hee was scared to get on, Jung Woo lifts her up in his arms and takes her down to get on the crane in her place. Unfortunately, Jung Woo doesn’t manage to stop the woman fast since she gets to break the main window of the apartment. Jung Woo thinks fast and tells the client that if she goes further with her ‘attack’ then her husband will be the one who gets custody over the daughter – hearing that, the woman stops and everyone is taken to the police station.At the police station, the husband’s lawyer had evidence of her breaking the window. But things escalate when the client hears that the husband will get the daughter so she is taken into the ‘cell’.Cheok Hee has a talk with the other lawyer and even though she wants to stay confident the other one tells her that this attack wasn’t the first one from the wife thus she will have to suffer consequences. Meanwhile, Jung Woo tries to convince an officer to release the wife because the daughter won’t have with whom to stay overnight.The client confesses that this trespassing wasn’t the first one so things may get bad for her. Even so she isn’t ready to lose her daughter to the man who cheated her more than once. Thinking that they can resolve something, both Jung Woo and Cheok Hee run after the husband’s lawyer but she doesn’t want to listen anything they have to say. Things calm down and Lee Yeon Hee is released to go back home with her daughter.On their way out, Cheok Hee tells Jung Woo that she will be late for work the next day. On the other hand So Ah waits for Jung Woo to get home while thinking about the vote and remembering the moment when he took Cheok Hee’s had. When he gets home, although she wants to ask about the vote, in the end she doesn’t say anything about it.Next day, Jung Woo takes flowers to a grave and we get to find out what happened 7 years before the present time in the subway accident. During the accident, Jung Woo passed out while running to the exit. A woman comes and gives him a candy (that explains the candy wrap from his book) – unfortunately it seems like only Jung Woo managed to get out at that time and probably that woman died. Back at the present time, Jung Woo sees a candy wrap up at the grave and he starts running around after hearing a woman walking thinking that maybe it was the woman who helped him.At the BF law firm there are reporters and one of the clients (a prodigy violinist) who was apparently in the subway train 7 years before talks about how she managed to survive after a woman gave her a mint candy (like the one Jung Woo received). Hearing the story, So Ah wants to take the case of the violinist who wants to sue the city for the accident.While working on Lee Yeon Hee’s case, Cheok Hee finds something that may help them with the custody battle however because Jung Woo was sitting on that paper, when she goes near to take it, he starts thinking that she is going to kiss him. Thing that of course didn’t happen, but made him go through an embarrassing awakening when he sees that she just wanted to take the paper from under his butt. The talk about the case continues and Cheok Hee thinks that it will be a good idea to use client nr 3’s daughter to find more about the husband- something like solid evidence to their favor or where the man plans to go with his mistress.Actress Mi Ri becomes the goodwill ambassador for bone-marrow donation and before the event she looks with tears in her eyes at a picture of a child (probably hers huh?) but is shortly interrupted by Ma Dong Mi who comes to be a pain. The two women sting each other. (By the way, Ma Dong Mi wasn’t Ma Dong Goo’s mother, no idea why I was thinking that she was his mother, sorry about the confusion)Min Gyu rents a whole building to take his employees to dinner however there Cheok Hee gets a little tipsy and starts hitting Jung Woo with words that pretty much say how he’s not a really good lawyer.In the taxi, Min Gyu asks Cheok Hee how much is she worth. After she lets out 100-150 million won as her answer, he wonders how much the building that his father wants as the new BF office is worth. But Cheok Hee doesn’t understand what he is talking about yet he also doesn’t say anything more except that the fact that she seems more expensive than what he initially thought.Jung Woo is having a hard time thinking about Lee Yeon Hee’s case. He over thinks again and again the whole night. Next morning he asks his mother if she regrets getting a divorce and her answer is that she got to know what life was after the divorce.After talking with his mother, Jung Woo decides to accept Cheok Hee’s proposal of using the daughter to find out where the husband’s client wants to meet up with his mistress to ask her to marry. The daughter helps them find out the location and it’s a pension so they decide to go together. Before leaving, Gyeong tells Jung Woo that the two going to the pension together is a good chance for him to tame Cheok Hee. Later, Gyeong tells Cheok Hee that Jung Woo was the one who made the last vote in her favor.After working, the other 3 co-workers get together and Yoo Mi starts imagining how Jung Woo and Cheok Hee will have to stay in the same room.