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They’re still on the bus!Four more teasers have come out to lure the audience to watch Producer. Since they share equal billing, each teaser spotlights one of the main leads. There are more interactions between the characters (as opposed to the first one), giving us more hints as to how their relationship with one another might play out in the drama. Maybe Cha Tae Hyun‘s Ra Joon Mo will become a mentor, albeit initially intimidating, to Kim Soo Hyun‘s naive Baek Seung Chan. IU‘s Cindy doesn’t seem to mind Ra Joon Mo while Seung Chan and Gong Hyo Jin‘s Tak Ye Jin simply bore her.Might we end up with a love square? Will there be a May-December romance or two? Or will they be paired off according to age? Or maybe there won’t be a romance between any of them …