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EEEE it starts TODAY! Everyone has been saying how the chemistry between Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young is awkward but I really don't think so. Despite the misgivings I might have about the actual drama they look dashing together in this video. She is eternally bright and adorable and he is also bright and very handsome. Great combo!
really?? i'm a constant dramabeans and koala bugger..i'll check this one out..i'm a succker for rom com and have high hopes from this one and flower boy next door
@neaa yup, I'm praying for it to be good...Not sure about live recaps, hopefully either DBs or Koala like it enough to recap it. There also a couple of other drama blogs that do recaps. Do you ever go on ? She posts a lot of great commentary on currently airing dramas
now there's my show..finally a rom -com!! is someone recapping it?