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I'm really happy to see Chun challenging himself with roles like Jung Woo. Even though I liked his previous roles well enough (SKK Scandal, Rooftop Prince) I don't think he was well developed as an actor yet. This will definitely help him get there!
@yourinsomnia I agree. The scene where he is at the iron gate and hears/sees her for the first time was so realistic. As was the scene where he begged his partner to let him get out of the car at the jail. Those particular scenes just break your heart and I think it takes a skilled actor to do that.
yup, I feel like he is acting his heart out in this drama and is blending into the character of Jung Woo seamlessly
No doubt. I think it's a wonderful thing as him for an actor to expand his horizons. I think he's doing a fabulous job so far. The emotions, it feels so real.