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Farewell Broken ~ D. James Breaux

When broken became the new order and every tomorrow turned bad and the sun came out later and later ....until one day it didn't show up at all; you promised to fight. And it's taken you so long to get here. So it's okay. Cry a little. Cry a little. You made it. You made it. The last chapter in the book of pain: it's written.... you wrote it, there's no looking back now; so bury it your love garden. Broken no more, your heart declares victory. Stronger evermore, your heart makes all the pieces of now count; because you own them. Can you feel the sky falling behind you now? And the dark clouds fading and the kite you fixed flying now? Sail it over the new horizon into the you extreme; your new place of hope that lies far beyond where your strength can go. Goodbye agony.... it's time to let you go, and your wretched wasteland of loneliness. Farewell broken.... you dismal abyss of despair. Farewell.
REFLECTIONS BY THE AUTHOR: Author Notes FAREWELL BROKEN ~ D James Breaux "Seize the time....Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again." ~ Captain Jean-Luc Picard Federation Starship USS Enterprise
I really like this one :)
@greggr Right on bro =D ...yeh the "nows" called to mind the Piccard quote, which is something I've wanted to use for the longest time, and this was his moment, so I made extra room in the piece with the use of "now" & he just fit right in there.
I take it the quote from Captain Jean-Luc Picard was somewhat of an inspiration for this piece? Fantastic.
We all need reminded that it's ok to cry a little.
Awesome as always :D I love this line: "Can you feel the sky falling behind you now?" which feels like we need to acknowledge the hard or bad stuff passing behind us, and keep looking forward. At least, it feels that way for me!