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Popular hip hop group Bangtan Sonyeondan (also known as Bangtan Boys or BTS) has been accused of sajaegi after reportedly outselling K-Pop icon BIGBANG on the physical album charts. The accusations follow the ranking according to the Hanteo Chart, which tracks physical sales of albums, where BTS’s new album 화양연화 (In the Mood for Love Part 1) has beat BIGBANG’s Made Series-m. Controversial discussions of possible “sajaegi” (where a company buys albums in large quantities to inflate the official numbers) have arisen among netizens because it is an extremely rare accomplishment for an idol group from a small company. BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment has countered these statements, arguing, “Big Hit Entertainment doesn’t have the resources to do such a thing.” BTS recently began their music show performances following the April 29th release of their album with their title song “I NEED U” which swept charts shortly after it’s opening. In addition, they’ve taken fans behind the scenes of the jacket shoot and music video filming and have hinted at the possible release of the 19+ version of their music video. Meanwhile, BIGBANG began their promotions shortly after BTS starting on May 3rd on Inkigayo and achieved a perfect all-kill with their track “Loser” after it’s release on May 1st. SOURCE : Koreaboo
Sheesh sometimes Netizens are so harsh and cruel. Why do they think bts have to cheat to get a win or be on top? Why can it just be about the A.R.M.Y supporting our seven amazingly talented boys?? Yes I know BIGBANG has been out for longer but they can't get a win everytime! I love both groups don't get me wrong, but if one is find better than the other right now who are we to tear then down and think that they are cheating... They worked really hard in this album you can tell, they deserve some praise and not be put down like that by netizens or anyone for that matter.. Keep it up BTS, A.R.M.Y FIGHTING! :) What do you guys think?
Ok so my sister was going to pre-order Bigbangs album but didn't because it releases in September..... I ordered BTS' album and it will arrive any day now.... That's probably why people aren't buying it! It doesn't actually release until September! People will most likely just buy the songs off of iTunes until the album is released and they know they like all the songs! I think it's the way YG decided to release the album that people aren't buying it straight away! In all honesty I don't think BigHit have the money to do that anyways! BTS FIGHTING! I'm so proud of you guys <3 Anyways that's just my thoughts :)
Bahhhh this is just UHHHGLEHHH.
@Allyphernelia sorry for the long comment!!!!!! :0
no comments on netizaens and their unreasonable actions as always :p
Don't be sorry @jiggzy19 long comments are welcomed haha. And yes I agree with you. Once they Release BIGBANGS album I'm sure it'll be on top.
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