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TMZ covered EXID arriving at LAX for the 13 Korea Times Music Festival and OMG UH-GLEH-NESS ensued. This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo not cool. Blatant disrespect and ignorance and all around ugliness.
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they shouldn't be like that..yes they should atleast apologize, that's not so nice.even that girl with bangs she looks asian and it's like she doesn't want to be connected to asians she said she was born in America
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@Ambie completely rude! TMZ, I realize you make money and get views off of being straight up rude, ignorant, and obnoxious but try some class....
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That was so rude .... I really hope they apologize!!
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At first I was mad... really mad, then I laughed at the pathetic ignorance of these people, they criticise someone's English, when they can't even speak it properly themselves, therefore their opinions have no validity at all. Just a bunch of pathetic bullies, making themselves look stupid. I also don't think they realise that they have pretty much opened Pandora's box here. K-Pop fans will not let this rest. This goes beyond being a joke in poor taste, this is straight up ignorance and racism. In conclusion if you want to criticise someone for their skills in English, you better speak it perfectly (which they all clearly do not) or your criticism is meaningless
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This is just ugh!!!! At least apologise!!
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