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This is a live recap for 'we got married' :) Let's see what happens today :) Really really cute and lovely couples Oh lee joon and yeon seo couple. It's time to come lee joon's mother. They are making food for his mother but do you know that? They didn't know rice isn't in the boiled rice container... They are going to make kimbob and to make that..the essential ingredient is rice.......They're shocked..... So they decied to make kimbob without rice. (Have you ever eaten kimbob? It is really really delicious ~ If you have a chance, try it><) Oh, mom come to the house. They are little embarrassed kkkk Lee joon give a present for his mother um... rotten tree? kkkk anyway His mother thinks say' thank you' Interviewer: you look so close with your mother. If you are close too much with mother, maybe Yeon seo can be jealousy little. Lee joon: AH~ she is my mother. That can't be right. Yeon seo: Ummm. i'm little jealous.. because look like real couple...but I think it's not good to feel jealous with mother.. I don't do that Messy kitchen.. Mother: Umm. she explains how to clean the kitchen but finally she said " just live comfortable ~" Maybe whether it is nag or not? kkkk They show the kimbob that they made by themselves... You know there is no rice...kkkkk but she seems to be satisfied with this kimbob. She feels impressed by a nicely prepared meal. and they tell the truth...actually mother... we forgot to cook the rice...hehehehe.. but she understand. Mother recommands Yeon seo that you would better to express your love more. So she said it is easy to do it..when I think this is performance. But these days I think this is real so I can't do acting.... Mother teaches how to act charming. Did you see that? "Aing ~ " anyway she also shows how to do backhug... really deep skinship kkkkk Interview Mother :wow there is no mother in law like me. Is there anyone who teaches how to act charming? I'm perfect mother in law. She suggest that this time lee joon try the skin ship .. Yeon seo feels little embarrassed.. so she asks her how to do it. So mother teaches how to do it. really charming.......... charming expression.. raise the last sound of saying. Like Would you do it for me? 'me' raise the sound ! Julien and se ah couple kkkk They are trying to do bumpjee jump.. When she looks this.... she said" Julien...Is there anything I did wrong?" Se ah...feels.. terrible.....really afraid of bumgjee jump... 'sign up this paper' She shocked....what kind of paper? paper like do not responsible for accident? things like that??? No..actually that paper, Even you go up stairs and then fail to jump, but you have to pay for it. Se ah: Ah~ money? okay. Before riding bumgjee jump they have to take their weight. Oh... actress weight? wonder wonder. but she hide it perfectly.. no.... reveal it really easy...because the spector writes the paper in the public....51 kg kkkk that's light ! Julien did the bumgjee jump twice..at that time, se ah wonders who did you with bumgjee jump... julien :um........friend..... Se ah: Friend who? Julien; umm close friend..... little shocked... After the investigation, she drop into the floor...because she is afriad of jump..... Julien did first cherry ~~~~~~~ After do that, julien come up again. maybe they do together. She decided to do that......ㅜnㅜ because of julien's saying. "I think to fall with love, they need to have the courage." wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they did it together !! Brave couple !!!!!!!! (Actually i did it a long time ago....really really scare.. wow se ah seems to feel the same way with me at that time) Se ah :it is really afraid......really scare...... After finishing this, se ah says : There is a spider here ! Julien: You did well!! good job. with you, I feel more responsibility to do that. because if I show you how I feel... maybe you will be more scare... Se ah:Yes it is really brave thing.. wow.. but i will never do it again...once is enough.. Gwang hee and sunhwa couple Today is housewarming party >< This red carpet is for poeple who come here today. Food.. umm they decided to hire a buffet caterer. While working with Sunhwa, they pop up in their mind about awards ceremony. So they rehearse in front of the house. GH:Raise your hands like this. SH: even when I wear a top dress? GH: KKKK your armpit make public? Something was delivered by his house. Ballon ! welcoming the housewarming party. Wow his wide forehead.kkkk Another present, kkk some famous couples on the wall. Wow JANG GO couple Beckham couple. GH SH: Oh welcome to our house ~ SH:But they didn't see me... even we are greeting GH: maybe they feel tired becasue of the long flight. SH: DO NOT EAT ! This is food for the guest GH:What? no no no I will eat SH:EAT GH:? SH: EAT (it is smiliar situation with the movie titled' Wolfboy') The story of this movie is about the half of man and half of wolf. In the scene, the wolfboy is trained by the female main character. GH: i'm not gonna eat !!!!! I'm a person. I have lived as a human. The fashion of housewarming party. GH SH: PRETTY FASHION BUT GH um..really excessive.kkk GH:maybe but cut his leg? SH:what? (cute socks, not going well this dress) GH:i think it is better to wear this necklace. I got it from the head of a family patriarch's wife. and it has been bugging me a lot..your V neck line. SH:i don't care bacause there is nothing to see. absurd....kkkkkkkk She gets angry because he says nothing. All the men mistook me I'm fully packed !! But guest is calling..... but they canceal the promise.. Takyeon,,, min ho...jong seok... because of their scedule... Oh, our hope is in yeong ! wow wow but.....when they call her, there is no number like this..... they get disappinted !!! But CN blue, jung young ha is coming ! They are really expected. GH:Where are you? YH: KKKK Open the door ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :)
sapphire148 really cute cute which couple do you like best?
yesss~~ very very cute!