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Have you heard of bokeh before? Technically, bokeh is the "aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens." But to my eyes, it's pretty much just a bunch of dazzling shapes, shades and lights! I've never been good at intentionally creating this effect, but I never fail to be impressed by those who can use bokeh to their advantage, like this awesome photographer.
Takashi Kitajima is a Japanese computer engineer who works all day but manages to take absolutely beautiful photographs (heavy on the bokeh) at night.
Here's a few of my favorites of his! You can find more on his flickr.
Great card!
His images look to me to be a combination of a fast lens, a lens baby, and a macro adapter. You can get really shallow depth of field with a fast lens. Then add a macro adapter and you can limit focus to a few centimeters. Add a Lens Baby, which allows you to select a single point in the frame for focus - the rest of the frame will be out of focus - increasing in focus fall-out (no focus) in a circular pattern the further away you look from the point (which is in very minimal focus because of the macro adapter). It's very creative and you have to really understand how you want your final composition to look. I love it. :D
@JonPatrickHyde Glad you liked it!!! I am so impressed by these shots of Tokyo...makes me want to go there and see all the light for myself.