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To the uninformed, lining up against the somewhat unassuming GT-R powered Nissan Juke R in a supercar would seem like an open and shut case at a mile-long drag strip. Think again. As shown in the attached video, a stock 670 hp Ferrari 599 GTO gets sent home with its head down by a 700 hp Nissan Juke R. To confirm its wild performance, a Juke R then comes inches away from beating a 1001 hp Bugatti Veyron at the same closed stretch of pavement.
How is this possible? Could it be driver error at the supercar end? Is the featured Juke R in the videos modified? The latter questions can be simply answered as yes. The Juke R comes stock with a 3.8L twin-turbo DOHC 24-valve V6 that produces 480 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque – the featured Juke produces 700 hp, according to DragTimes. To further compare a stock-to-tuned Juke R consider Motor Trend’s Exclusive First Test, which showed a stock 3,981 lbs. (est.) Juke R run the quarter-mile in 11.9 seconds at 117.5 mph. During the Bugatti race, the featured Juke R ran the quarter in 10.6 seconds at 131.6 mph.
As expected, a 2005 hp Lamborghini Gallardo built by Underground Racing (UGR) destroys the same Juke R in the final match up of the video. Extreme horsepower of the UGR-built Gallardo platform has proven time and time again to be the king of the street drag circuit – web videos showing such result are many.All-wheel drive and GT-R power wrapped into an extremely agile mega-crossover created one killer limited-production Nissan. Unfortunately, the Juke R is not available in the United States. The compact JDM weapon can though be spotted in numerous online videos ruling the roads wherever it finds an international race.
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