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The first thing that nutritionists will tell you when it comes to cutting calories is to drop that alcohol.
But what if you still want to have a drink with friends without setting off your entire diet? Here are the five best choices for a low calorie- high taste cocktail! When you're making these at home, be sure to check how much alcohol you're using since that is usually what piles on the calories!
Old Fashioned
Basically bourbon, a little sugar, a lemon peel, and your favorite bitters. There's none of the added syrups and bourbon is one of the best choices for a lower calorie cocktail!
We're talking about a classic margarita here. Not the giant comes-in-a-bucket, smothered in salt, and presented with an upside-down beer bottle margarita.
The classic margarita recipe simply calls for tequila, lime juice, and a tiny bit of agave syrup or Cointreau.
Avoid the premade mixes, and don't be afraid to ask the bartender to use fresh lime juice and simple syrup instead of the calorie-packed margarita mix!
It's so simple that it can't be bad for you ;)
Made from vodka, lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice, a cosmopolitan barely breaks the 150-calorie mark.
When making it at home, try to go easy on the cranberry juice though!
Like the margarita, I'm talking about a classic mojito - so drop those premade mixes!
The original recipe is rum, mint, soda water, lime, and just a touch of sugar which means it falls under 150 calories.
Whether you choose vodka, gin, or tequila, a gimlet is great way to skip the calories and keep the taste.
The basic recipe is alcohol (traditionally gin) mixed with lightly sweetened lime juice, served up in a martini glass.
best of both worlds
I always just go with the "avoid beer, avoid syrup" mentality, and try not to get something with a ton of a super sugary juice!!
Infused vodka is another great idea (infused with fresh fruit not that nasty fake syrup!)
All of these look so refreshing!
I always get made fun of when I order Cosmopolitans because I love Sex and the City, but who cares!
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