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When I started my weight loss journey, I was a bit over 200lbs. Then I became a cardio queen while “cleaning” up my diet — I went down to 140lbs.
My diet was easy, but really restrictive. I had meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, water and lots of coffee. Everything else was off the consumption radar. I liked that I was disciplined, but then I slowly felt like I had to keep up with an ideal, my blog, my “lifestyle.” I was also working out A LOT. An hour of cardio was a warm-up.
Then powerlifting came along. I went from 140lbs to around 155lbs. The weight gain sucked, but I knew it was inevitable. I had to feed myself for strength. I also gained a ton of muscle – which I learned to love. My focus wasn’t to lose weight anymore, it was to gain strength.
This picture is of me now.
I don’t powerlift anymore, nor am I a cardio queen. My body has gone through a lot of extremes. Some days, I think about my old body, other days, I feel very free. I still eat healthy and I lift weights, but I give my body breaks and feel-good foods.
I think I am going through a different transformation. I am freeing myself. I don’t feel like I need to play a rigid fitness role. I am embracing my curves, my hair, my talents, me.
its a long road Fitness and there are so many variations of what fit is. I just finished working out. I don't ever see myself not being active, not wanting more, not challenging myself it is at times overwhelming but that thirst is always there I hope it always is I remember hearing this saying I have it written on a piece of paper on my kitchen wall. Your Greatest Success is just one step past the point you give up. I just wanted to say that I think its Amazing how Women are taking control of their health and their strength its very refreshing to see Women caring enough about there fitness to make it a ongoing priority. Keep it up Ladies.
I love this. The most important thing is to love yourself. Not to love this idea of what self is supposed to be based on what society tells us. ❤️
Thank you, redridergirl. :)
Congratulations! You look wonderful and you have a great acceptance of your body and self! That is what really makes anyone beautiful no matter their size! I admire you! Take care!
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