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Now this is a sweet way to use technology!! It's military appreciation month this May, so Kind Snacks has paired up with a cool tech startup to get robots to write people's tweets out as Thank You notes that will then be delivered on to various military members and veterans! How cool is that?!
All you have to do is tweet your message in 140 characters or less with the hashtag #thankskindly. The robots do the work from there, choosing from over 1,000 different penmanship styles to keep them looking unique :)
So far, over $500 dollars for the program Cell Phones for Soldiers has been raised along with 500 letters! The goal is 10,000 of each, so get to Twitter and try writing your own!! I know I'm going to. I mean, I haven't written a letter to the service members since elementary school, and this is really easy, so why not?

Let me know if you send one in, too :)