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Because there are many people that won't be happy.
There is a case passing through the Supreme Court right now that will decide if marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples can be permitted by states. This became an issue as some states where same-sex marriage is not permitted have laws that require them to accept marriage licenses issued in other states, giving a work around to same-sex couples.
So, what will happen if it passes, and states are all told they are allowed to make this a law? While every state would not change immediately, if the licenses must be considered valid by other states, then same sex marriage will be on the road to complete legalization.
Then, what happens? Christian leaders in both Congress and outside the political sphere have spoke up to say this: we will not follow the Supreme Court's ruling if that happens. They have said they will not marry LGBT couples.
But that's where I don't get where their paranoia is coming from: no one is asking them to marry these couples. Nobody is going to make a church marry a LGBT couple if they don't want to. It's a legal definition that they're going for. Not trying to convince the Pope to change some major doctrines!
Personally, I'm really excited and hopeful that the Supreme Court's decision will put us on the road to a more equal marriage environment here in the US.
What will happen if same-sex marriage is essentially legalized?
@midtenheathen Makes sense. I think at the base level we agree.
The government has it's responsibilities and passing laws is one of them. I'm not advocating for no government. I'm advocating for the bigots to get their shit together and quit using their book to promote hate and discrimination. The sooner the government takes separation of church and state seriously the better off we'll all be.
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Isn't part of the laws changing and the time it takes part of changing the culture of the people, though? As much as I'd like to just agree and say that "no, we don't need the courts or the leaders of different communities to care about that," frankly if we go that way we continue to have riots and people disagreeing all while the government (and others) pretend the issue doesnt' exist. This just doesn't seem effective to me.
@hikaymm Sadly, I don't think any of the religious zealots remember that slavery, oppression of women, and oppression of black people were all justified the same way they're trying to justify oppressing the LGBT community. With the bible. Throughout history "the church" has dictated law. Then something beautiful happened along the way. Society started really thinking for themselves and told the church to screw off with that hateful BS. I couldn't care less what your religious affiliation is so long as you don't use it to hate on others. I lurked your profile and read some of your writing. You have a wonderful talent. :)
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