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Sounds simple, right? Just a few stretches in a quiet room, maybe a little soft music, some dim lighting?
It's actually so much harder than it sounds! It's easy to turn what could be a powerful workout into nap time when it comes to home yoga. On second you're excited to relax your mind and the next you're thinking about the laundry waiting for you to do.
How do you find the motivation, concentration, and commitment to be a successful home yogi? Here's a few ideas:
Start slow:
There's a reason why there are so many "...for beginners" workouts offered for new yogis! It's not an easy practice to start! Find a quick workout (under 20 minutes) that works for your fitness level and build up from there. Starting with something that is too hard for you can discourage you from trying again.
Timing's everything:
Try to find time every day for a yoga practice, even if it is just ten minutes of stress relief before bed. Soon working out will become a habit and you'll find your body craving the routine!
Pick poses wisely:
Find one pose that makes you feel confident, graceful, powerful, and in control. Personally, Warrior 2 will always be that pose. If you find that Child's pose brings you to a calm and powerful place, harness that energy and hit that pose!
Create a sacred space:
Make a sweet home for your practice. Whether it's a corner of your bedroom, or your living room floor, find a place where you'll have ample room for your mat and for fluid movement.
Have the essentials on hand:
Start with a mat and a water bottle, then as you evolve in your practice begin using towels, heat, resistance bands, and even weights.
Try out these simple home workouts:
Trying to do it every day is a must. Once you skip a day you realise how easy it is to skip another day, and another...
@flymetothemoon thats totally my problem....I just lose momentum!!
Also making sure you are faaaar away from your phone! Its so easy to get lost checking your phone when you are trying to devote 30 minutes to workout
I've found its soooo much easier to actually workout if you have your mat+water+whatever else you use just kind of sitting somewhere you have to look at it all the time!!
Starting is always the hardest part! Clipping this for inspiration~
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