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You know the story: the moody, mysterious boy in the back of the class that always seems to find himself in trouble meets the beautiful goodie-two-shoes girl who seems to have it all together. And what happens? They fall madly in love. Obviously.
Hollywood is filled with guys that are just misunderstood, and listed below are a few of my personal favorites:

A Walk to Remember - Landon Carter

Landon is the typical bad boy with annoying friends, trouble in school, and a messed up family, but he's not actually the bad guy.
I will never get over the scene where we see the actual change happen. How after somehow getting roped into the drama club he sees that there is so much more to Jamie than meets the eye. This is one of the cheesiest movies ever, but it is so worth it because of Landon's character.

Titanic - Jack Dawson

Jack lives his life a bit differently than what rose is used to. He gambles, smokes, drinks, dances all night, flirts with girls, spits off the side of buildings, and is never in one place for too long.
He teaches her, and some of her family, that this kind of life doesn't make him a criminal or any less of a gentleman than the other men on the boat. One of my favorite characters in a film, ever.

10 Things I Hate About You - Patrick Verona

I can't love Patrick more than I already do. He's assumed to be a crazy bully but in fact is just a misunderstood, sensitive guy. He keeps to himself but when he meets Kat he goes above and beyond to make her happy.

Rebel Without a Cause - Jim Stark

Jim just wants to make people proud. Sure he has a bit of an anger problem, but that is only because of the pressure put on him by his family, his peers, and even himself. He's an overly sensitive young man who wants to be left alone. Not a rebel at all!

La Belle et La Bette - The Beast

The original misunderstood bad boy: the beast from Beauty and the Beast. He's frustrated, under a spell, and hasn't been in human contact in a long time. Of course he's going to be crabby!

So who's your favorite bad boy?

That movie with Landon is so sadddddddd!!!
AHH so when I started reading I was like LANDON and so ready to comment, but then Jack, and then could I choose?! I love these characters :)
Jack Dawson is my soul mate
I feel like a walk to remember and 10 things I hate about you were sort of based of James Dean's characters. Misunderstood and sensitive :)