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Dear Future Husband,
Please note that I want to do something like this someday. It doesn't have to be put on the internet, nor does it have to have this crazy level of production value (like, this is SO good) but I do want something like this. I want to make a home video, save the date, here's who we are a couple montage that will make all of our friends and family scream in jealousy and in happiness for us!!
Is that too much to ask?!?
Your future wife.
But seriously, this is the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen. Who knew that people did Save the Date videos?! Jon and Jess are awesome, and they have a website to prove it). Congrats to them for their upcoming big day!!!
CUTE! LUVING this idea so much! Me too @christinabryce you can tell from the bags that they so belong together!
Terrific video. Love this idea! @daniachicago you need to do this!
I love this!!! They seem like they really suit each other, even though their bags are carrying totalllly different things!
I had NO idea people actually make Save the Date videos?! Is this a new trend? @fallingwater