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I'm guilty of playing games when I'm texting back and forth with someone I'm into. Should I wait two hours? Just one? Or do I answer right away? I know it's totalllllly ridic but I really can't help myself but to think WAY too into each and every message!! I always end up answering right away, though, because I'm just not patient enough!!
I like people that reply fast. Idk why but to me, fast texters are good texters. I don't want to text all day, I just want to chat and then that's it, you know? Maybe I should just start calling...
Anyways, what are your rules on texting back? Am I being lame for wanting people to answer quickly?!
Just pick up the phone and call me, then you don't have to worry about how fast I answer your texts :)
Oh yeah, I agree! @GWeeN I guess I'm the same way too a lot of the time but I try to be undersatnding that maybe they got busy? But if they texted first I totally agree, there's no reason they aren't ready to answer!!
I text back really fast and I often really get irritated if the one you're texting with replies after a min or two specially if they are the ones who texted first. It just feel like I not important or something
I don't really worry too much about it, I text back when (and if) I want to! Why do people hvae to get so worked up about this?