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Hmmm... Here's a question. If we supposedly went to the moon in 1969, practically just after discovering how to get into outer space, how did we get to the moon? If we actually did go, why aren't we there now? This question has been really bugging me recently...It seems quite odd that just after humanity launched the first human into space in 1961, Americans got to the moon in 1969? What? Getting to the moon isn't a trip down the road, it requires extensive knowledge of orbital physics as well as well-developed technologies. We were just taking our first baby steps into space exploration, then all the sudden we blast a rocket to the moon, safely land 2 men (Apollo 11) then safely leave and return? OK, and now, now we aren't even there? If we could get there several decades ago, it's ridiculous that we're not up there right NOW. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I am a scientific minded person, and that doesn't seem to reason too well. I keep an open mind, so don't forget to comment!
So you don't believe we went to Moon, that's a dumbest thing to even think.. we have lots of evidence of it
Exactly. Instead of space exploration, these nut jobs want to spend money on global warming propaganda. :)
@Galacticoddysey Guess people think it's too expensive when they'd rather spend money on other things :( I wish we'd do more as well!!
@onesmile Good question, I'm not sure I can answer it. It kinda makes me mad though that they aren't really doing anything with space exploration, at least in the manned aspect.
I'm not sure either....I realy don't undersatnd any of it, though! Anyways, why would people lie about it?! @Galacticoddysey