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Is it pop? Soda? Coke? And wait, are aunt and ant pronounced the same, or differently?
Everyone has different answers to these questions, and this video does a great job of bringing the understanding of those differences to life. They had people from all over the US take the survey over the phone and recorded the audio of their answers so that you can actually hear the different sounds that English speakers all over the US make. Pretty cool, right?
You can see more detailed results of the original survey here, or you can explore dynamic map representations of the results here. It's quite fun to see if you fit into your region or not, particularly if you have lived in one area for your whole life.
What do you call the following things? Share in the comments, and let's see how different we are!
1. What do you call a sweet, carbonated beverage?
2. What do you call the shoes you wear to gym class or play sports in?
3. Do you pronounce "cot" and "caught" the same?
4. What word(s) do you use to address a group of two or more people?
I love these visualizations--I'm always impressed when people get me spot on every single time just from my response. Language and dialects are beautiful things. As for me: 1. soda 2. sneakers 3. no 4. I don't.
1) coke 2) tennis shoes 3) yup 4) yall
I've always loved these!!! Hmm, for me its like 1) pop 2) sneakers 3) yes? 4) I don't usually, but I guess just "hey you guys" hahahaha!!!