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I'm trying to love lipstick. I really, really am. But I've just never been a lipstick wearing kind of girl, even when my friends transitioned from glosses and balms into the more "adult" territory of lip liner + stick.
1. I find the color too severe, and the weight too heavy!
2. I'm not good at lining (my top lip always just looks much, much thinner, which I don't notice until I wear lipstick!)
3. It feels dry, so I can never get a good application.
I managed to solve #2 and #3, so now to find a color that works, and a lipstick that doesn't feel heavy! That's pretty hard, but thanks to my dear @starberry and she told me it would feel just like a chapstick....and she was totally right! This may not have the long lasting quality of your standard lipstick, but I kind of love that--easy to get on, and easy to take off if I decide I don't like it!

1. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

My personal favorite of the balm-like lipsticks is Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter (is this even really a lipstick?). I love it in Berry Smoothie and Strawberry Shortcake, but there are tons of colors to choose from! These are still a little glossy, though, so if you want a matte look you won't want these. Though, it will be hard to find a really matte lip butter just because of the nature of the product.
Here's six of colors that are available in action from BeautySwatch!
I think there's something like 16+ colors available now, though, so check what you can find that suits your complexion.

2. Catrice's Luminous

This color in Wood Rose Purpose is to die for, and while this isn't exactly a balm (its a bit heavier) it feels SO great because of some added ingredients. It also comes in tons of nudes, pinks reds and purples, so I'll be trying lots of colors!

3. Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balms

These guys are also total A+ lip butters if you get a chance to try them! They're packed with Vitamin E which prevents them from being drying while still being long lasting, which is something I L-O-V-E love if I actually want to wear lipstick all day (pretty rare for me, but it does happen!)
Have you guys tried any lipsticks or lip butters you've loved? I'm down to try more, but so hesitant to buy anything new unless I have a reliable review, so let me know!!
@hikaymm I'll let you know if I get them to try out :)
@onesmile And I haven't got to try either of those colors yet!!
Sugarplum of the Revlon ones and Plum Passion of the Bar Minerals ones look like MY COLORS!!!