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Pony tails are the perfect way to pull your hair up off your neck to help you feel a little cooler when the temperature starts to rise, but it's not always easy to feel cute when you're just wearing a pony. Try adding some accessories to make things a little more exciting, and still keep your hair out of the way.

1. Ribbon

Add a ribbon to make your low pony tail more lively and colorful! You won't feel as plain with it, and there will be a reason to draw attention to your hair.

2. Fancy Hair Ties

Don't be boring! Instead of using a hair tie that is the same color as your hair, add a metallic or neon colored hair tie instead. Your pony tail will still be simply but will look more elegant or fun.

3. Bow

Adding a bow is a great way to feel like a pony tail is more girly, especially if you're like me and feel like a plain pony feels very tomboy sometimes. Nothing wrong with that, but we can enjoy feeling a bit more girl sometimes. There bows attached to hair ties are super easy to use--just tie it in like a normal hair tie and keep the bow on top.

4. The Headscarf

Adding a headscarf definitely adds a lot of color to your hair, while also helping keep flyaways off your face. I've made a whole card about how to tie headscarfs that you can check out here.
You can also steal some of these ideas I posted previously for how to accessorize a bun--after all, there isn't too much difference between a bun and a pony tail when it comes to accessorizing!
I still can't get over the shoe laces suggestion from the how to accessorize your bun card!
Gahhhh I cut off my hair!
This is perfect for me because I really, really, REALLY don't like trying too hard with my hair int he summer! It's just too hot out to bother styling. This seems like a good work around :)