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We have all taken the tests. We have all sweated because of the tests. We have all complained about the tests. We have all wondered why we ever needed to take any of them... The data now shows that we are actually right! John Oliver, who is quickly becoming the new Jon Stewart, talks about how our Presidents are promoting a system that is not only failing our kids, but also our teachers.
So why is this continuing? Simple: money. There is a lot of money behind standardized testing. My friend just mentioned this to me, and I kind of scoffed at it. But then John Oliver mentioned some of the numbers behind this huge industry, and well it seems like she was right... So what should we do to make our students catch up to the rest of the world? If we were to get rid of standardized testing, what should we do?
It's a real issue. I'm lucky enough to be in a state where we don't have as much standardized testing as others, but I still loath the time of year when I have to cover up the boards and force students through tests that will do nothing for them, no matter what others say. Thankfully, I believe this will change in the next 10 years. At this point there is no choice except change away from this system.
The French student is speaking for all of us who are just fed up with us, I think.
I never realized how many standardized tests I took during school until I started seeing them adding more during my junior/senior years of high school and realized that "man, we have to spend way too much time doing this."