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Is a Waldo Cosplay Right for Me?

I don't typical cosplay when I visit conventions, but I think that Waldo is a character I could enjoy being--after all, he's trying to blend in, and I think it is simple enough for me to be willing to try to accomplish it.
These are some of my favorite Waldo's (and Wenda's, I believe that is the female versions name).
Cosplayer: Isaku Cosplay
@San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (I'm not sure of the cosplayers names).
I'm thinking that doing a character like Waldo will help me interact with more groups of people without having to be worried about coming off as shy. Does this seem like a good way to go about breaking the ice at conventions, as I usually go there alone?
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@somnia @vulpix Thank you both. I think I will try it sometime.
Agree with @somnia, but make sure to only photo bomb when invited--you might end up ruining their only good shot if they're not keen on that kind of fun!
For sure!!! Can you imagine how much fun you'd have with that?! You'd be able to lurk around, sneak in photos, make friends, and have a great time!! As long as you don't mind getting lots of pics I think you'll be ok.
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