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I don't typical cosplay when I visit conventions, but I think that Waldo is a character I could enjoy being--after all, he's trying to blend in, and I think it is simple enough for me to be willing to try to accomplish it.
These are some of my favorite Waldo's (and Wenda's, I believe that is the female versions name).
Cosplayer: Isaku Cosplay
@San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (I'm not sure of the cosplayers names).
I'm thinking that doing a character like Waldo will help me interact with more groups of people without having to be worried about coming off as shy. Does this seem like a good way to go about breaking the ice at conventions, as I usually go there alone?
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For sure!!! Can you imagine how much fun you'd have with that?! You'd be able to lurk around, sneak in photos, make friends, and have a great time!! As long as you don't mind getting lots of pics I think you'll be ok.
Agree with @somnia, but make sure to only photo bomb when invited--you might end up ruining their only good shot if they're not keen on that kind of fun!
@somnia @vulpix Thank you both. I think I will try it sometime.