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I am obsessed with this cosplay!!! I love simple cosplays, especially when they get people to do characters that are often overlooked since they're not technically challenging/overwhelming to look at (aka usually leading to less pics) but come on...who doesn't love Tina Belcher?!
All it takes for this cosplay:
- blue shirt
- blue skirt
- black hair (or wig)
- glasses
- yellow hair clip
- knee high socks
- black converse or other shoes
I'm pretty sure I have at least 50% of those things already, making this both awesome and easy to put together. I have officially found my next Sunday comfy day cosplay. Yes!!
This girl is my hero.
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I love this!!!! Tina is my spirit animal!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@somnia !!! I know!!! The role model we all need. Seriously considering this cosplay for the future!
3 years ago·Reply
@vulpix if you do you had better upload pics!
3 years ago·Reply
@somnia You know I will!! :D
3 years ago·Reply