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This son is beyond excited to help his dad propose to his girlfriend, which is awesome because I feel like your kids should be ready to support you in your marriages, and its simply adorable!!! Not only that, but proposing with a custom made ring via a Star Wars toy? A+ all around. I'd definitely say yes, too.
Take notes, everyone: Star Wars related proposal, with the help of adorable child, will likely result in a yes. Got it? Good.
Cute!!!! You can just see how excited this kid is; I'm glad it's from his point of view. Much different than many other proposal vids you see :)
I feel like more and more, kids are getting involved in the marriage process beyond the ubiquitous flower girl and ring bearer.
This is a great video. not often, if ever, that you see a son help his dad propose!
@hikaymm i thought the same thing, lol. I kinda felt bad for the little guy he just wanted to get that ring off and give it to them
Ahhhh!! Glad he took the time to get his son involved. Very nice. Though the son seemed to feel a little left out when the couple was hugging, haha!!