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Because only in America is it socially acceptable to cut down beautiful trees every year. But that's just my pessimism talking... I do love the annual Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Promise :) The star on top is Swarovski Crystal and the angels leading up to the tree are things that I will never get sick of. Should have photographed that too but I got lazy. I'M SORRY. But basically wintertime in New York City is perfection. I've always hated how it gets dark so early in winter but here in Manhattan I barely feel it with the Christmas lights up everywhere. If you are ever in NYC for winter this is a must see! along with the Saks Fifth Avenue display windows.
The absolute best skating rink~! :)
I wanna hv my bew year's eve in NY too
i saw a guy proposing to his girl at the ice rink below that magnificent tree last year:)