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After seeing the tree at Rockefeller last night my friends and I went up to the oh-so-famous FAO Schwartz toy store. Ridiculously over priced yet classic, the toy store has everything a child could ask for... and everything to keep a group of six college freshman busy for an hour and a half. We reminisced over lego, vintage barbies, fake brains, the Harry Potter merchandise... you name it! But the most fun we had was definitely in the candy section that I have captured here. All those old, rare candies that you found at those independent candy shops (with the kind shop owners who were so enthusiastic about their candy collection) could be found at FAO. Because everything else was way too expensive, we each bought about two dollars worth of candy... and finished it on the subway home. If you do have the chance to visit I suggest playing a game: "Guess the price!" In which you ask your friends/family the price of seemingly simple toys and scare them with the actual price. ha. For example we found a large gummy bear that was 50$. Yeah. Also make sure to go to the glass apple store across the store in the plaza :)
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OH, this is my wonderland as well! OH BOY, I spend hours there, without even realizing it...