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This is Raymond D. Franklin.
I met Raymond at a small park off Ocean Avenue between downtown and South Corpus Christi. Raymond used to be in the Navy and is originally from Colorado but has traveled the world. He settled in Corpus primarily because of the large Naval Air Station allows veterans to buy almost everything they need tax free. Mr. Franklin has quite the handful of stories about his views on Eschatology, his interest in animal husbandry and about the castles in Ireland. I asked Raymond if I could take his photo as I saw him sitting and staring off into the ocean. He looked lonely. I found out he has no surviving family, lives alone and doesn't really know anyone in Texas. He keeps Abigail and Mr. Fellowhawk close by and sometimes, even lets stranger photographers pet them.
Raymond later sent me an email telling him how much of a blessing it was to have a total stranger share and let him share his own stories and thoughts.
Sometimes all we need is a fellow human being to be kind or compassionate or even just take their photo and sit by the sea a spell.
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I love this--its SO true that we need someone to rely on (whether they are a person or a dog, or if they are right next to us or a long distance phone call away). Point is, we need somebody to talk to, and I think people forget that a lot.