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Brandon Stanton of HONY hit the Met Gala last night, and instead of asking the usual "who are you wearing?" questions, he tried to see a different side of the celebs.
What I love is that on his site he didn't mention the celebrities' names. He treated them like any other person he interviews on the streets of New York because at the end of the day, they're just another New Yorker :)

Spike Lee

“I was too hard on my son because I couldn’t understand why he didn’t love to compete as much as I do.”

Katy Perry

"I'm trying to look at my phone less."

Derek Jeter

“What’s your favorite thing about each other?”
“We’re fine with just a picture, thanks.”
Check out the full story on Vogue.
I love that the vibe is no different than any other photo he posts on his site. Great for him!
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Whoa since when is Katy's hair like that?! I barely recognized her!
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That Jeter quote is all sorts of awkward hahaha.
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