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I don't know how I found this, but this might be the most hilarious ranking of TV personalities ever. A men's hairstyling website posted a list ranking new anchors' hair by state (complete with runner ups!)
To me, all the hair pretty much looks the same, but these guys took it so seriously. The comments alone are worth the read!
Here's how they judged:
Perfect hair has 4 characteristics -
full volume
well styled
no receding hairline
They used those 4 factors to evaluate the hair. They "did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall“hotness."
See the full list from Get Good Head (I'm not joking)
California: Mark Mester of KTLA 5 News
"Yes, he is absolutely, disgustingly, incredibly, head-turning, makes-you-want-start-crossfit-right-away good looking, but his hair is about as perfect as it gets."
Nevada: Don Guevara of KTNV
In response to the award, Guevara said, “What an honor. I’ve always been blessed with a full thick head of hair. I haven’t always known what to do with it in this industry. In college I was awarded best hair at my college radio station. Back then it was too my shoulders."
Utah: Dan Guthrie of KSL (Meteorologist)
"The ability to fly. Unlimited money. Meeting Dan Guthrie. These are the three most wished for things by the people of the world. If you can get past that smirky smirk and those “yo. girl.” eyes, then you will see his amazing hair."
Washington: David Ham of KIRO
"No need to turn up the volume, here! David Ham has his hair at FULL VOLUME!"
Oh my. You go Mark Mester ;)
I can't believe someone actually did this XD