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PSY’s hit music video “Gangnam Style” is so popular that it has become YouTube’s most watched video with more than 835 million views. But will it be “Armageddon Style” on Dec. 21? According to Nostradamus’ prophecy dated back to 1503, he stated that "From the calm morning, the end will come When of the dancing horse The number of circles will be 9” as we all know, korea is also known as the country of morning calmness, and many have predicted the end of the world to be dec 21 this year - which by now you all would have known where i'm coming from.. from the rate at the number of views psy is getting for his music video, it is expected to hit 1 billion views (9 zeros) as predicted by Nostradamus. many have responded by requesting the removal of the music video from youtube to save the world. so what's your say? in this coincidence or just superstition?
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serious about this??