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Hi guys! So, I am seeing more and more new members here, which is totally awesome so I was wondering a few things:
1. Where are you guys from (like, in the world haha)
2. How did you find this community?! (from Facebook, from a friend, etc)
I want to be able to reach out to more people so we can make this community really big and fabulous, so if we can figure out where we're all coming from we can figure out where to get more of us muhahahaha
1. I'm from boring old Virginia xD 2. I think I got my new phone and I wanted to find an app for daily kpop news or something.. then I stumbled across Vingle! I've actually had Vingle for about 2 years but just recently I started actually engaging into the community! And I'm so happy I did! :D
1. Australia, (originally from OC California though) 2. I was introduced to Vingle by @KpopJunkiesTV through one of her YouTube videos, I thought it was soo cool I had to join immediately ^^
1. Egypt 2.find it from face book for two years. and I am agree with@jiggzy19 @harmonico I can't stop check this community twice daily coz I am in love with
@harmonico Ah! I'm from California^^ and I don't even remember how I found out about Vingle to be honest hahahaha but I'm so glad I did!! (and I'm so glad you guys all did too) :')
1. Australia 2. @MattK95 told me about Vingle so I checked it out! Now I'm so in love with this community!! <3 (⌒▽⌒)
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