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Hi guys! So, I am seeing more and more new members here, which is totally awesome so I was wondering a few things:
1. Where are you guys from (like, in the world haha)
2. How did you find this community?! (from Facebook, from a friend, etc)
I want to be able to reach out to more people so we can make this community really big and fabulous, so if we can figure out where we're all coming from we can figure out where to get more of us muhahahaha
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@jazzypie what part of Ohio are you from? I'll be going to the bb concert in LA!!
@KutieKiKi dayton... its soo boring
@jazzypie that sucks lol. Not much going on in okc either >.<
1.) I was born in New Jersey, but growing up in Pennsylvania 2.) I found this app over Facebook because it came up as an ad and it was like "Learn Korean" . (I been trying to find new ways to learn the language for a while now lol) But after that I stumbled upon this kpop community and now I'm not sure if I'm here for k-pop or just to talk to you guys :D
Sacramento, California! Facebook recommended this to me...probably because of all the Korean music pages I like haha