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I am a discount loving kind of gal. Give me a sale and a few coupons, and I will get you a lot of clothes for much, much cheaper than original retail. My fave places to shop for great deals currently are Macy's, Kohls and Neiman Marcus Outlets (only when I'm visiting family in Texas!)
So this news is glorious: Macy's will be opening off-price stores (similar to Saks Off Fifth) where they will curate and bring together the best of their carried clothing at crazy discounts!!
The four "pilot stores," as Macy's calls them, will open this fall in New York (aka Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island) where they'll test the stores and see how it goes!
I'm seeing in this news is all the $$$$ I'll be able to save....yippee!! Please carry cheap American Rag clothes, please carry cheap Benefit makeup!!!
@onesmile I know!!! I hope I can still use my macy's card at the bargain stores :)
As if my Macy's obsession could get any stronger!!