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This guy's reasons for doing this are, to me, totally bizarre. He says he wanted to be arrested in North Korea, so he got in through China by climbing two fences before he was arrested and taken into holding.
You can see the whole CNN interview with 21 year old Joo Won-moon here (embed is disabled; sorry). Here's a great quote from Joo:
"I thought that by my entrance — illegally, I acknoweldge — but I thought that some great event could happen and hopefully that event could have a good effect on the relations between north and south."
That quote for me is the most telling of everything he says--mostly because he then says that he has no idea what kind of event he was hoping would happen. He is South Korean, but went to high school and college in the United States. He keeps saying that he is staying in good conditions.
So why did he really do this?
- Is he just a stupid kid who was hoping for some fame by doing this?
- Or did he really think it was going to cause some change (which I doubt, because he clearly didn't think this out very well)?
- Or, is there something else going on?
I'd love to get inside his mind and figure it out. Because as of now, he has had no help besides this interview, and doesn't even know what (if anything) he will be charged with.
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@amog32 @greggr You're both probably right. The main point for me is thst hr put himself into serious danger (and potentially started some international issues) without really knowing WHY. Totally foolish.
I hope he is able to get out of his situation safely. I don't foresee many issues with him leaving considering other Americans have before, but since he is South Korean, there might be bigger issues than with past students or activists who have done similar things.
I do think he genuinely believed he could spark some kind of change this way. However, I think he made a very poor decision not having a plan for what he would say, what kind of change he was aiming for, or exactly what point he was trying to make. Now, it's wasted media attention.
@greggr Doesn't make him any less foolish, unfortunately.
@drwhat Ah, but sometimes people want to make a difference without learning how.