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Let's start ! Gwang soo: OH here is JUNG EUK(area in korea) Today's special guests are Go soo and Han hyo joo !! Welcome to running man !!!!! Mission :At each bus station, we will meet member of running man. They will be your side Go soo pick up the number, hyo joo also Who can be their side kkk HJ pick the number1 so her side is Yoo jae seok !! They are both same side ! JS: Wow who are you? oh you are a woman, putting the hand cream. Nice to meet you !! JS is surpised to meet Go soo because we rarely see him in variety shows. Gwang soo station... Running man bus passes gwang soo. So JS makes a trick kkk hide his eye with his hands... JS:GS sorry... bus is full... GS:what did you say? it's empty. I'm friends with Hyo joo!! please take me bus !!! um... sorry gwang soo and next station HAHA. He is go soo's side. Seok jin...ji hyo...didn't pick up..kkk Gary is hyo joo's side and jong guk is go soo's side wow wow Gary has a blissful smile. wow wow Today's mission! They will make kimchi (Famous korean food) Though the game, they will get the ingredient of kimchi. Let's prepare kimchi for the winter. Before make it, change their clothes into comfortable pajamas. 1game :Spining with elephant trunk and then vault over a horse kkkk but maybe this is hard thing ..very dizzy kkk what happens kkk While ordering their obstacles, they interupt each other. kkkkk punch, kick kkkk Jong guk pretty well wow he is a capable person. Hyo joo hehehehe pretty pretty Who will be a winner of this game? Hyo joo VS HAHA. The game is nip and tuck ! To get white radish, way to go. kkkkk to get white radish, haha pushes hyo joo. Haha press down Hyo joo. People around the them criticize HAHA. How could you do that? You mean after the marriage, you don't care about women?!!! (Actually haha got married a few days ago kkk congratulation) Hyo joo We will look forward to revealing yourself ! kkk On the way market, haha says " umm I think i'm sorry for hyo joo.." (yes right ! kkk) Hyo joo worried about making kimchi today because she've never made it before. Gary :Then press down again kkk Someone says: Wow welcome our grasshopper kkk JS looks like a grasshopper Pick up one member of the team, and the rest members do a mission. If the team fail the mission, enlarge the area of perm. A famous actress Hyo joo...press down twice and...perm.... wow her passion. Mission time only 3 minutes. Hyo joo team arrives first..but over 3minutes.... Hurry up ! The last team is gwang soo's team. GS got angry !kkkk 'Go away ! Do not shoot me!!!' Perm perm perm...kkkkkkkk cute gwang soo mission again. Hyo joo'team arrives so fast 2:44 success ! At that time, Gwang soo 's hair dressor touches tongs.. GS: Ahhhhhhhh. Let's fight ! you're my anti fan ! HAHA....He will be married a few days later....he is groom... HAHA:Do you think is okay to marry with this hair style? At that time, jong guk...arrived with food smell... HAHA: What did you do? what is this smell ? you ate the jajangmyeon? JONG GUK..: .....It's one of the mission.. (It's lie ! ) HAHA: Hurry up. my armpit hair will be permed also please hurry !!!!!!!!! GS's hair dreesor touch the tong's twice kkk GS: Take off your glasses !! Anyway after finishing this mission, he took a picture with hair dressor kkkk very closely.. GS changed alot.. before and after... poor gwang soo but his team cheer him up. you look like goo jun pyo( He is the main character of men is better than flower) He is consoled.... Next mission. Find the napa cabbage around this village and place them back in its headquarters. On the other hand,,, go soo behaviors really slowly kkk while others run fast kkkk leisurely.. Taking away and robbing... Even slow go soo moves smartly when he thinks it's good timing.kkkkk Each team put their napa cabbage to their headquarter.. kkk go soo approches ji hyo's head quarter... but he was repudiated....kkkk He moves slowly...at that time he find the cabbage ! wow lucky and then he put them in the place where only he knows. Gwang soo approaches hyo joo HYO JOO: hey gwang soo think one more time, If you take off this cabbages, it means quit our relationship Gwang soo: Then share it one by one At that time, Seok jin appears ! kkkkk Taking off her cabbage ㅜnㅜ Hyo joo swears revenge ! Hurling down... oh you're actress.. Hyo joo : We are happy for a while.. Go soo was deaf to her saying. JS catches haha. JS: You spread out your crime ! stealing our cabbage ! Confining the robbers kkkk HAHA pass the cabbage to go soo hurry up go soo oh he look like Usain bolt really fast kkk the final cabbage but it is torn ...it invalidity ! So finally yellow team wins the game !!! Gwang soo performs a brilliant exploit. kkkk It's time to share the ingredient ! 1 rank team: They got crushed garlic and oyster and radishes 2 team: oyster and crused garlic. 3 team: ....garlic...not crushed... and other items.... recipe chance Blue team gets calling chance to get recipe Yellow team : ...... no recipe.. just their knowledge? other team.. I don't know I can't remember... Fist anyway they have to trim the ingredient ! Gary : I think trimming oysters spoils my personality ! Yellow team steal the tool... trimming the radish. JS spot this ! so they try to trade.. but fail because of an internal struggle. Gary : Please let's trade... I peel the only 3 oysters during 30 minutes ! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEE wow what is that machine? Trimming the radish so so so fast !!!! HAHA is really pround of this. HAHA: Hey foolish !!! what did you do that? hahahahahahaha Hey hyo joo do you need this machine? Hyo joo: Idon't need HAHA is embrassed...:Yeah.... i ...just..ask..kkk Gary.. Now i'm good at peeling oyster. I found my talent ! kkk more than rap? kkk Gwang soo gives a present for hyojoo. It is heart leaf. but she eats it kkkkkk GS: You chew my heart?? It's my mind Purple team. It's time to put chili powder but JS is faced with the powder. sorry sorry my mistake. Peeping their recipe .. um yellow team makes a great fuss about other team's recipe kkkk "What did they put? what is that?" Blue team's secret recipe : lemon lime soda gwang soo discovers and protest it GS:What did you put in this? soda? huh? you put soda? then I will buy kimchi in convienent store. what did I make the kimchi by myself? Go soo: I just want to drink this Blue team: Yes we just want to drink.. okay do not put that. KKK gwang soo steals the soda and put it their kimchi. and then haha steal it again pour it their kimchi. comic show kkkkkkkkkk Purple team's kimchi...is salt because gwang sos passes their cabbage mixing with salted shrimp. Finish making kimchi. Taking a vote tasting all the kimchi. but they don't know whose kimchi it is because it is blind test. First haha. He enjoy eating....not taste... He choose number 1 kkkk His team kimchi is 2 kkk jong guk and gwang soo decided to choose fast.. but jong guk hesitates to do that because he can't differenate who's kimchi. kkkkk Gwang soo : Really disgusting! who made this? ( Gwang soo ...it's yours....) it's time to reveal the result. Winner is yellow team. Gwang soo cries...he is moved with this result. Other people persuade them into submission to the guest. But Gwang soo : What? then why we made this kimchi ! Seok jin: Hey go soo just buy it yourself !!! KKKKKKKKK no give up Anyway finish If you push the heart , I will gain strength more and more ^.~
sapphire148 oh me too!!!! I am also big fan of go soo
i like go soo ^^ he is very good looking!!