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Words We Often Mix Up

There are some words that are similar in sound or in meaning that people have a tendency to mix up (famous writers and myself included!) So, I thought I would make a short post of a few pairs of words I often catch myself confusing, so that others can begin to notice if they are making the same mistakes.
Advice is the noun used to describe an opinion meant to help another person.
ex. "Even though I didn't want her advice, my mother kept giving it."
Advise is a verb, which describes the action of giving advice or counsel.
ex. "I wanted to advise her, but I didn't feel it was appropriate given our previous encounter."
Conscience is the feeling we get when we think we know what is right or what is wrong.
ex. "My conscience tells me that I shouldn't lie."
Conscious, on the other hand, is being awake and being aware.
ex. "Her family was overjoyed to see her conscious after being in a coma for over three days."
Compliment can be a noun or a verb, and it represents the expression of praise or admiration.
ex. "He complimented my outfit."
Complement means that something completes the whole, or makes up a whole.
ex. "Roast beef is a perfect complement to the rest of the meal."
Disinterested is an adjective that represents something as unbiased or impartial.
ex. As a disinterested party, she didn't bother to share her opinion.
Uninterested means, more directly, not interested. Not simply not caring, but not interested.
ex. "Jerry was uninterested in taking Pete's offer."
Discreet means that something is modest or prudent, so you might use it to describe a behavior needed when keeping things secret.
ex. "Please be discreet; we don't want her to find out about the surprise party!"
Discrete, on the other hand, means that something is separate or distinct.
ex. "When running a business, it is necessary to keep discrete accounts for both personal and business matters."
@suranimh @onesmile Glad it could help you both!
noted!!! I mess up compliment and complement spellings all the time :/
thanks for these most commonly words we tend 2 apply at d wrong time, wrong place n wrong person!
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Jungkook No Longer Baby Boy (+19)
Que tal peeps! WE ARE STILL COUNTING DOWN TO JUNGKOOK'S BIRTHDAY IN THE AMS COMMUNITY. THIS IS A QUICK FANFICTION THAT CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT! Jungkook has always been like a little brother to you and you always looked after him, especially when the guys picked in him. You were planning a special birthday surprise for him with the guys. "He should be happy he gets a cake." Yoongi scuffed. "Well well now lets not be too mean Yoongi...he is the youngest." I said while writing down ideas. You and the guys came up with a plan. You and Jin would bake a cake and cook food. Hobi and Tae would clean up while Namjoon and Yoongi decorated. "Namjoon please don't break anything." Hobi laughed. Namjoon rolled his eyes and laughed. The next day it was super hot in the office and all you wanted to fo was take a shower. You rushed home and jumped into the shower. Jin would be shopping for food with Namjoon while the others bought decorations. Jungkook would be at the library volunteering so everything should be finished then. The water felt so good as you allowed it to hit your skin. You had your relaxing body wash. You inhaled the lavender scent and lathered up your body sponge. You began cleaning and singing when you seen a pair of eyes looking in the small crack of the door. You paused thinking you seen something else. You didn't know if your mind was playing tricks on you. Then you looked back and no one was there. You finisjef showering and walked down to your room. You noticed Jungkook's door was cracked. This was strange cuz he always locks his door. You pay no mind and get dressed. The crew arrived and you all get to preparing the surprise birthday for Jungkook. You were pleased how everything played out. Namjoon only broke 3 things which is good. You walked to your room to get an extra present you brought for Jungkook when you noticed your pantry drawer was opened. Your neatly arranged panties were all a mess. You picked up the present wrapped in shiny red wrapper and seen that Jungkook's door was cracked wider. You walked down the hall and heard odd noises. "Yass gosh noona..." You peeped your head in without makjng a sound and saw Jungkook with your panties in his hand. He was licking a pink pair with a red pair wrapped around his man hood. Jungkook was stroking himself. You found yourself shook for a moment. But then you began watching out of enjoyment. Your breathing goth heavier. Jungkook slowly his hand motion and grinned. "I know you are watching me noona." You covered ur mouth. But a gasp escaped ur wet lips. "Jungkook why do you have my panties? "Noona you know I want you. I made that clear last week when I spanked the hell out of you. Remember you made me promise not to tell." You walked into his room and closed the door. "Shh boy that was a mistake." "A mistake?" Jungkook said while raising his eyebrow. He smiled while looking at the gift I had. "Nice wrapping but do you know what I really want noona?" Jungkook smirked. Jungkook walked closer to be still hard as a brick and stood behind me allowing his hard on to rub between by cheeks. He let out a groan. "I know you been with all the guys nonna, they brag about it. I want you now." Jungkook said. "Jungkook...look those days are behind me. I'm no longer group banging trash." "Okay I will just spread the word at work." Jungkook laughed. "Fine Jungkook." I hissed. Jungkook pushed me on my stomach while sliding my shorts to the side. He was happy to see I had in no panties. He stuffed a pair or my panties he had in my mouth and plunged deep inside me without mercy. The pink wet panties muffled my scream of pleasure. Jungkook pounded me hard and fast. "Noona you were all wet from watching me?" Jungkook smacked my butt hard. "ANSWER me. You like watching me wack off?" I nodded as he pulled me hard into him. He switched so we were facing the mirror and began pounding me hard hitting all my spots. "Look at that little face. You love it noona. Yoongi said you like it rough." I surprised Jungkook and pusjed him back on his butt. I climbed on top of him. "You gotta do more to get me off little baby boy." I said while grinning. I began riding him hard and fast while pulling his hair. He began sucking my right breast as I rode him. "Yass that's a good baby boy." I moaned. I could see he was coming to the edge and so was I. The room echoed of slapping skin. "Noona yasss! Oh shit!" Jungkook moaned while exploded in me. The explosion made me go over the edge. My vision was so blurry. Suddenly the crew busted in "Happy Birthday Jungkook!" "Shit looks like we got to the party late." Yoongi blurted. 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최근 활발하게 활동 중인 김칠두 할아버지를 보고 문득 든 생각 우리나라에 여성 시니어 모델은 없나? 그래서 구글링을 한 결과 맵시짱 지존 까리한 모델을 만나게 되었다. 모델 최순화 올해 78세로 모델 일을 시작한지 6년차가 되시는 최순화 모델 170cm의 훤~칠한 기럭지로 런웨이와 화보에서 저세상 멋짐을 뿜뿜하심 수트핏 진짜 오지시네요.. 저보다 자세도 좋으시고.. 부럽.. 요양보호사로 일하며 두 자녀를 혼자 키운 최순화 모델은 우연히 티비에서 모델학원 광고를 보고 직접 찾아가 수업을 듣기 시작하셨다고 함 72세의 나이로 새로운 도전을 시작한 그녀는 에이전시에 합격한 뒤 지난 해 서울 패션위크에서 활약하심 YES 맵시 쌍따봉 드립니다. 크 레이어드 컷과 찐!보!라!도 찰떡같이 소화하심 처음에는 너무 나이들어 보이는 게 아닐까 걱정했던 은발도 이제는 트레이드 마크로 자리잡음 어쩜 머리숱도 쏘 풍성... 찰떡쓰 최근에는 안다르의 브랜드 캠페인 모델로 발탁되심 자신의 몸을 있는 그대로 사랑하자는 취지의 캠페인인 '모두의 레깅스' 안다르에서 공개한 영상과 사진 속 최순화 모델님은 패션 페스티벌 런웨이에 도전하기 위해 부단히 노력하는 모습을 보여줌 '하고 싶은 일을 만나는 것이 언제일지는 모르지만, 할 수 있는 몸을 만드는 것은 언제든 할 수 있다' 카피랑 모델님이랑 진짜 너무 잘 어울리지 않음? 앞으로 모델활동을 계속 할 예정이지만 연기에도 도전해보고, 세계무대에 한국 시니어 최초로 나가고 싶다는 새로운 꿈을 꾸고 있는 그녀 뭔가 최순화 모델님을 보면서 꿈을 이루기에 늦은 시기는 없다는 생각이 들었음 계속해서 도전하는 용기가 진짜 멋짐 ㅠ "외국에 갈 기회가 있으면 한국 시니어 처음으로 나가보고 싶어요. 한국에도 나 같은 사람이 있다. 당신네만 있는 게 아니다." 일상도 고냥 모델포스 작살나시는 최순화 모델님의 인스타 픽-챠-를 보면서 마무리 하겠음 응원합니데이^^7 충성! 충성!
오래된 사진속의 여성들
오래된 흑백 사진 속 여성들의 사진을 모아왔습니다. 역사가 되어버린 하지만 잊혀져버린 그들의 모습을 보니 많은 생각이 드네요 특히나 전쟁 영웅들의 사진을 보면서 '전쟁은 여자의 얼굴을 하지 않는다'라는 책이 떠오르기도 하고요. 1913년, 미국 서프러제트 행진에서 컬럼비아(미국의 여성형 의인화) 복장을 한 배우. 소련군 전차부대의 지휘관, 알렉산드라 사무센코와 트레이드마크와도 같은 전차, T-34/76. 세계 최초의, 그리고 소련군 유일의 전차부대 여성 지휘관이었다고 함. 내가 알기로 소련이 초반에는 여성의 전투 참여를 금지했는데(간호사, 통신병 등 직접전투 관련 없는 직무로는 복무 가능) 전쟁 막바지에 인력 부족으로 여성 복무도 허용했대. 이 시기에 많은 사무센코를 비롯한 여성 영웅들이 탄생했고 유명한 비행부대인 “밤의 마녀들”도 이 시기. 사무센코와 함께 언급되는 여성 전쟁영웅 중 하나로는 조야 코스모데미얀스카야가 있음. 사형장으로 향하는 조야 코스모데미얀스카야. 소련 파르티잔(흔히 말하는 빨치산) 부대원이었던 조야는 러시아 전쟁사에 있어서 빠지지 않는 위대한 정신의 아이콘임. 임무 도중 독일군에게 잡혀서 고문당했지만 끝까지 동료를 배신하지 않았고, 결국 다음날 교수형으로 처형당했어. 따로 구글링 할 때 사진은 조금 조심해야해...독일군이 시체 훼손을 하고 사진을 찍어서 시신의 사진이나 처형현장 사진이 꽤 남아있음. 참고로 사무센코와 조야는 기념관에 함께 자리하고 있다! 그리고 이 사람들이 “밤의 마녀들”로 불린, 여성 폭격기 연대 중 하나였던 588야간폭격연대 조종사들. 괄호안은 출격횟수. 왼쪽부터 일리나 세브로바 중위(1008)/나탈리아 메크린 대위(980)/예브게니야 지구렌코 대위(968)/마리아 스미르노바 대위(950)...이외에도 대원들의 평균 출격 횟수가 천 회에 이름. 전쟁 후 588연대 전원이 소련연방영웅 칭호를 수여함. 어쩌다보니 계속 소련 군인들이 나오는데..나온김에 이 사람을 뺄 수는 없어서...저격수 류드밀라 파블리첸코. 저격수러써 전쟁사에서 눈에 띄는 사람임. 저격실력이 뛰어나서 별명이 Lady Death였는데 독일군 309명을 죽였다고 함. 1970년대, 교전중인 여성 IRA 대원. 필리핀의 게릴라 리더였던 Nieves Fernandez가 미군 병사에게 긴 칼로 일본군 목을 어떻게 조용히 땄는지 설명해주는중. 1979년 3월 8일, 이란 여성들이 새로운 정부가 제정한 이슬람 법을 반대하기 위해 모였다. 만명 이상의 여성이 히잡 강제 착용 등을 반대하는 시위를 벌였지만.... 베트남 사진작가가 찍은 여성 베트콩 리더인 Lam Thi Dep. 1966년, 재판에 참여하는 프랑카 비올라. 이탈리아에는 보상결혼이라는, 성폭행 가해자와 피해자가 서로 결혼을 하면 가해자를 사면하고 피해자의 명예회복을 인정하는ㅎ 법이 있었는데 프랑카 비올라가 처음으로 이 법을 거부함. 비올라의 전남친은 비올라와 헤어지고 재결합을 요구했지만 거절당하고, 지역 마피아와 커넥션이 있었던 이 남자는 친구들과 비올라를 납치하고 성폭행함. 비올라의 주변인들이 너는 더럽혀졌으니 이렇게 된 거 결혼해라ㅇㅇ 했지만 비올라는 거절하고 그 남자들을 폭행, 유괴로 고소함. 그동안 비올라가 오히려 조롱당하고 외모품평을 당하기도 했음... 결국 비올라가 승소해서 전남친은 징역 11년형, 공범 7명은 징역 4년형을받았음. 그리고 전남친은 출소 후 마피아가 다른 지방으로 쫒아닜다가 총격전에 휘말려서 뒤져벌임~ 스페인 내전 당시, 17세의 Marina Ginestà 권투하는 여성들, 1938년. 히틀러와 괴벨스, 그리고 헬가. 헬가는 괴벨스의 첫째딸이었는데 괴벨스가 헬가를 엄청나게 예뻐하고 아꼈다함. 히틀러 측근의 딸로 자라다보니 본인도 “총통(=히틀러)이 가장 좋아하는 아이가 되고싶다”고도 말하고...같이 찍은 사진도 오질라게 많음... 수요 없는 공급이지만 히틀러랑 괴벨스가 광대 폭발하고싶은거 보고싶으면 헬가 괴벨스 사진 보면 됨 1944년, 아우슈비츠 관리자들의 휴식시간. 1959년, 모스크바 거리를 걷는 디올 모델들. 당시는 소비에트 연방 시절. 1970년, 오클랜드 경찰의 첫 흑인 여성 경찰이 된 Saundra Brown이 사격 훈련을 받고 있다. 미제사건현장을 재현한 미니어처를 만들고 있는 프란시스 글레스너 리. 이 사람이 만든 미니어처로 수사관들이 범죄현장을 읽어내는 훈련을 했고 첫 여성 경찰청장을 하기도 했다고 함. 별명은 “법의학의 어머니”. 나치에 협력했다는 이유로 머리를 밀리는 프랑스 여성. 여성 밀주업자들. 백인 초등학교에 처음으로 입학한 흑인 학생, 루비 브릿지 1960년대의 아프가니스탄, 교수에게서 설명을 듣고있는 의학부 학생들. 1942년 또는 1943년, 수용소 입소 사진을 찍는 Czeslawa Kwoka, 14살. 아우슈비츠에서 사망. 아카데미 대기실에서 만난 오드리 햅번과 그레이스 켈리. 출처 : 여성시대
Fundamental Requirements For A Good College Essay
Most students start dreaming about going to university since elementary school. They study hard to maintain their grades, participate in extracurricular activities so they can go to university they dreamt about. Despite all this, some universities are highly dependent on admission essays. So when applying for a particular institute, it is important for students to enhance their essay writing skills. If you are a student and struggle with a language barrier or unable to craft a great essay for any reason. You might find yourself in a situation where you think who can help me write my essay free online. Well, there are some tactics that you can follow to craft a winning college essay or you can also get assistance from a professional essay writer by contacting any essay writing service online. The choice is yours! Keep reading to know some of the important strategies required for a great college essay. Read through them carefully. Take Time With The Topic In college essays, it is important to understand the essay topic. As students have only one chance to prove themselves, perfect writing is only possible if they have an in-depth idea of the essay topic. Develop Strategy College admission committees search for those candidates with individuality. So, before starting the essay, it is important to think of the vital elements that can provide a unique perspective. Personalize The college essay is a great opportunity for students to stand out by personalizing themselves. To achieve this, students can narrate a real-life story or event they experienced by trying to link it with the topic. Make sure the event or story is relevant to the essay topic and integrates with the essay theme effortlessly. Create An Outline After deciding on the content, create an essay outline. An outline can help students to gain a perspective on the angle they are about to take. Write Precisely Like every academic assignment, it is essential to write a college essay in a clear and precise manner. Focus on utilizing a formal tone, including all the relevant information with the help of strong vocabulary. Proofread And Make The Necessary Edit It is the most important step before submitting the paper. Proofread the paper a number of times to eliminate any spelling and grammatical errors. After making sure there is no error in the essay, the student can submit it and hope for the best. As a result of following these tips, you can easily craft a great college essay to get admissions in your dream university. The key element in every essay is the aspect that differentiates it from the rest in the pile and makes it stand out.